MKR The Rivals: Mark and Romel’s Dinner Party FIGHT

The two contestants went head to head during Dan and Steph's instant restaurant.
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We’re only two epidoses in of My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals, and the dinner party drama is already being served up on a silver platter! On Monday night’s episode, Mark and Romel went head to head during Dan and Steph’s instant restaurant.

While recapping a previous discussion on strategic scoring, Romel, who is mentored by Manu Fieldel, noticed not everyone was being respectful. “You’re rolling your eyes,” he said to Mark, who simply responded, “Yeah I’m rolling them.”

Romel then told Mark to “Roll them in the back of your head,” before continuing his conversation with the other contestants. Five seconds later, Mark bluntly said, “Are you done now?”

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Clearly taken aback by Mark’s rudeness – and not about to be silenced without a fight – Romel says, “Excuse me?!” To which Mark repeats his question: “Are you done now?” Mark adds, “Because you keep saying you’re done and then you just keep going.”

“I will keep going until I’m done speaking,” Romel replied with confidence, while Mark continued to talk over him.

“Why don’t you just say when you’re done?” Mark asked, before Romel sharply said, “Is that affecting you? Is me speaking and having an opinion affecting your game?”

My Kitchen Rules Romel
(Credit: Channel 7)

Mark assured Romel it wasn’t bothering him, which only fueled the argument more.

“You’re getting very worked up. Tell me what’s working you up,” Romel said smugly. “Talk to me.”

“You keep asking everybody to let you finish however, you never finish,” Mark replied. “You’ve been going on about the same thing for the last two days.”

Romel proceeded to make a complete joke out of the situation, shining the limelight (and literally the hanging light above!) onto Mark.

My Kitchen Rules Mark
(Credit: Channel 7)

“Everytime he opens his mouth I’m going to shut him down,” Romel told producers, before Mark reveals, “Romel is the exact kind of person who really gets my goat.”

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