Mother gets ‘KMART’ tattooed on her ankle because she’s ‘addicted’ to the retailer

That's dedication!

For most of us, the extent of expressing our love for discount retailing giant KMART goes as far sharing our pics and tips online. But for one mother, that just wasn’t enough. 

One Aussie mum decided to get the ‘KMART’ logo tattooed on her ankle after she developed an ‘addiction’ to the store. 

Sharing proudly to a Kmart fan page, the mother shared a picture of the new ink, saying she had ‘no regrets.’ 

(Credit: Facebook)
(Credit: Facebook)

She wrote, ‘This happened today and no, I’m not regretting it and I won’t regret it.’

‘There’s always methods to my madness, it was meant to say ‘Kmart addict’ but I was chicken and only got this far.’

The mother then explained that the tattoo had another meaningful message behind it. 

She says, ‘The story behind getting this tattoo…my Kmart addiction, which started back when I was little and would go with my nan shopping at Kmart and having lunch at [cafe] once a week, good times.’ 

‘And still to this day I’m addicted going to Kmart every chance I get but wishing [cafe] was still around here so I could take my daughter there too. But the McDonald’s in the food court will have to do. 

‘There’s so many Kmart stories over my 35 years, so many memories behind this one tattoo…’


The woman then explains how she was originally not going to get the tattoo, but eventually garnered up the courage. 

‘I was told I wouldn’t do it and that I couldn’t do it, I was told I would chicken out and I did for over a year but now it’s done,’ she said.

‘I’m not regretting it one bit. I go back once this is healed to do any touch ups needed and to add the “addict” part.

‘Others will look at me and go ‘you bl**dy idiot why?!?’ But I will continue to smile and say ‘because I can’.’

The social media post was later republished on Kmart Unhacks & Roasts, attracting more than 1,500 comments.


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