My Kitchen Rules winner LEAKED!

Fans are convinced they know who won three days out from the finale
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The Grand Final of My Kitchen Rules is only days away, but shocked fans think they already know who has won thanks to a suspicious Wikipedia update. 

Watch Below: My Kitchen Rules 2022: Meet Janelle and Monzir

A table detailing the season’s scores and eliminations was updated on Wikipedia last week, revealing scores from the semi-finals and finale that had yet to air.  

The table was quickly removed from the website, but not before intrigued fans got a good look. 

TV Tonight reached out to Seven who declined to comment on the scores and winners, but they did point out the fact that some elements of the table were incorrect. 

The scores were quickly deleted. (Credit: Seven)

The news comes after fans believed they had already figured out who had won the cooking show much earlier in the season. 

Using betting sites like Sportsbet, fans closely followed the odds of who will win this season. 

The first-place pick is usually spot-on when it comes to pre-recorded reality TV shows like MKR.

Fans have also used betting sites to figure out who has won. (Credit: Seven)

Just a few weeks ago Sportsbet predicted Aaron and Karly would win Beauty And The Geek, and before that it claimed Reggie Bird would take out the crown on Big Brother.

The site was on the money both times, proving that while it doesn’t get all the predictions spot-on, you can generally rely on it for your winning bets.

While fans believe the Sportsbet odds usually predict the winner of shows like MKR perfectly, the other places aren’t always guaranteed.

Teams in third, fourth and lower places often jump around as the season goes on and fan-favourite couples are eliminated.

It means your favourite couple may still have a chance even if they’re currently sitting in last place with the lowest odds.

Janelle and Monzir
Will Janelle and Monzir win this season? (Credit: Seven)

Three days out from the MKR final and fan favourites Janelle & Monzir have taken a considerable lead, sitting on odds of $1.33.

Kate & Mary and Sophie & Katherine are both sitting in equal second spot with odds of $10. 

Nicky and Jose round out the top three with odds of $13 ahead of Monday night’s semi-finals. 

My Kitchen Rules airs 7.30pm Monday – Wednesday on Channel 7. 

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