Miranda Tapsell welcomes first baby!

Congratulations to Miranda and James!
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In delightful news, Miranda Tapsell has announced the birth of her baby girl, Grace Birri-Pa Purnarrika Colley.

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Miranda shares Grace Birri-Pa Purnarrika with her producer husband, James Colley.

The actress announced Grace’s arrival via Instagram with an adorable photo of the newborn, along with a caption explaining the significance behind her chosen name.

Christmas has come early for us as we welcome our Grace Birri-Pa Purnarrika Colley,” Miranda wrote. “Birri-Pa is Larrakia for Butterfly, Purnarrika is Tiwi for Water Lily.

“Grace has entered the world adored by her mum and dad, as well as all her aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and so many more.

“We are extremely grateful, overjoyed and so, so tired 💕.”

Miranda announced her pregnancy in May 2021.

The Doctor Doctor star revealed her pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a sonogram image alongside a picture of herself and James looking incredibly happy.

“Our very exciting production due 2021,” she penned.

James made an identical post on his own account.

Miranda and James announced they were expecting in May this year. (Credit: Instagram)

The pair met rather unconventionally via Twitter some years ago.

“He was friends with my friends so it’s not like this strange catfish story, though he will tell you differently. He thinks I hit him up, that I started flirting,” Miranda told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“He was chatting to Aboriginal playwrights and rappers, people I knew, and I was reading all his stuff which was quite funny. Twitter really is for comedians. You’ve got to think quickly on your feet and say very little. He was good at those punchlines.”

Miranda and James married in 2018. (Credit: Instagram)

Funny man James has done extensive work in comedy, producing for the likes of Gruen and The Weekly.

Miranda said she felt an instant connection upon their meeting.

“It was so nice to meet someone where I didn’t have to try so hard. I was able to talk about Beyonce and hip-hop and things that we both liked,” she said.

“Mind you, he started talking to me about space because he’s a real nerd and I was just like, ‘mate you’ve lost me’.”

Congrats to James and Miranda! (Credit: Instagram)

A proud Larrakia Tiwi woman, Miranda has spoken of the importance of teaching their child about their Aboriginal heritage.

She also told Stellar that, whether their first child likes it or not, they will have to love the Penrith Panthers!

Congratulations to Miranda and James!

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