McDonald’s customer finds needle in fries

But there's a twist!

Recently, in Australia, there has been an epidemic where needles have been found in a variety of fruits. It begun with strawberries and then progressed to apples, bananas and mangos. The epidemic has also spread across the sea with needles reportedly being found in strawberries in New Zealand too. 

Now, the epidemic has seemingly spread to fast food with a McDonald’s customer slamming the fast food chain online after discovering a needle in her fries.

The NZ Herald reported that Ash Te Weri posted to Facebook in an attempt to alert others to be more vigilant of their food after she tipped out the fries that came with the McDonald’s Happy Meal and discovered the needle on Friday night. She warned others to be wary of foods meant for children and babies.

People quickly slammed Ms Weri and accused her of wanting “attention or compensation from McDonald’s”, but the restaurant didn’t take any chances and notified the police of the discovery after being contacted by Ms Weri. 

The store from which the fries were purchased from assisted the police by providing them CCTV footage. The police also conducted a search of Ms Weri’s residence and found a 20 packet of needles with one missing. 

Detective Inspector Ross McKay informed the publication that the police believe Ms Weri had made “an honest mistake” and that “there was no malicious intent here.”

Following the close of the case, Ms Weri removed her post from the Facebook page.

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