Time to get back in the kitchen! Here’s when MasterChef kicks off

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The countdown until the new season of MasterChef Australia graces our screens once again has well and truly begun, and now we finally have a date!

WATCH BELOW: A look inside MasterChef Australia 2021

Grab your aprons because MasterChef Australia season 13 will air on Channel Ten on Monday, 19 April at 7.30pm.

In a new trailer, judges Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen reveal just how exceptional the quality is this year.

“It is restaurant quality, it is three hat quality, it’s being produced by home cooks,” Melissa states.

masterchef 2021
This year’s MasterChef season is expected to arrive around Easter time in April. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Following the release of a few promos and the names of some of the contestants in March, judge Jock Zonfrillo hinted when the premiere would air.

Jock took to Instagram to respond to fans about questions on the air date, after he posted a video of the new MasterChef promo.

“Around Easter,” the judge responded to multiple comments under the post about when it will be airing.

masterchef 2021
Judges Jock Zonfrillo (left), Andy Allen (right) and Melissa Leong (centre) will return this year. (Credit: Channel Ten)

In the first-look trailer (which you can watch in the player above), features beloved judges Jock, Andy and Melissa, and they say that this year’s contestants are the best yet.

“The amount of heart and soul and drive is exceptional this year,” Melissa teased in the clip.

“They all have a unique story,” Andy added.

Jock also hinted that this season will again be just as much about getting to know the people wearing the aprons as it will be about the dishes they create.

“They need to follow their hearts. They need to stay true to themselves,” he said.

He added: “When someone follows their dreams, you start to see something magical happen.”

masterchef 2021
The first batch of contestants have been revealed. (Credit: Channel Ten)

First to be revealed is Brent, who compares his cooking style to his face – “not refined at all”, then Kishwar, who hails in from a big family of cooks, and Minoli, who at the age of 31 lost her sense of taste.

Also appearing this season is part Taiwanese, part Burmese, part Chinese cook Therese, who has one specific foodie passion, and that is French pastry, and Elise, who is a self-confessed feeder and says her love language is food.

“I want to make people happy, I want to make things beautiful,” Elise admits in the trailer.

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