Unlikely AFL star unmasked as The Captain

The one episode wonder left the stage just as quickly as he arrived.
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Brendan Fevola has been unmasked as none other than The Captain of The Masked Singer Australia.

The AFL star turned reality and radio star arrived into the competition more than halfway through, his time on the show coming to an end just as quickly as it began as he was outsung by competitors Cowgirl, Grim Reaper, Snow Fox, and Bouncer. 

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The 42-year-old first hinted at his upcoming appearance on the reality singing show earlier this year on FOX FM’s Fifi, Fev & Nick. 

At the time he shared that he was “supposed to go to Europe next holidays” but that the trip had been “cancelled” for mystery reasons. 

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Co-host Fifi then quizzed Brendan if he was going on The Masked Singer instead to which Brendan jokingly replied, “Don’t ruin it.”

Whilst other members of the guessing panel predicted the likes of Wally Lewis, Rick Springfield, and Gyton Grantley as the celebrity hiding underneath the mask, it was Dave Hughes who correctly guessed that his good mate Brendan was hiding underneath, recognising his voice as he sang the DJ Otzi party-starter Hey Baby. 

Ahoy there Captain! (Credit: Channel 10)

Taking to the Melbourne airwaves after his onscreen elimination aired, Brendan made the surprise admission that his mask was originally named ‘The Titanic’, that is until the Titan submarine tragedy in June, which saw five individuals die whilst attempting to visit the real-life wreck. 

“Two days before [filming] the submarine, the Ocean Gate, exploded,” he divulged, adding that his original video package made reference to the blockbuster 1997 movie. 

“There were dead bodies and drowning and I was surrounded by boats, and I was the Titanic. So they couldn’t use that as my costume because it literally happened a week before.”

“They had to change everything, change my name, change everything. The sub exploded and all those people died…it was awful. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. The costume was made – I thought, what are they going to do now?”

And thus The Captain was born. 

Brendan cancelled his European vacation after being asked to appear on The Masked Singer. (Credit: FOX FM)

Shortly after his unmasking, Brendan admitted it had been a tough time keeping his involvement with The Masked Singer secret from friend Hughesy, later admitted that his firm friend knew it was him “as soon as I walked out.”

“I’m guessed every year. My Instagram and Twitter go nuts, saying this is 100 percent you, so I thought I’d finally come in as a wildcard, a firecracker, and bring the party!”

Hughesy added: “We’ve been wanting you to be on this show since the start, and finally you’re on the show mate!”

Hughesy guessed it was Brendan from the moment he opened his mouth. (Credit: Getty)

With three episodes to go, only four masks remain, all powerhouse vocalists who will prove difficult to beat in the coming days of the competition. 

Fans have predicted Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes and singer Conrad Sewell are Grim Reaper and Bouncer respectively, whilst also placing their bets behind Courtney Act and Amber Riley to appear as Cowgirl and Snow Fox respectively. 

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