MAFS Stacey tells: “Natasha slept with Mikey’s dad!”

The shocking sex allegation that is tearing up the Pembroke family.
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Married at First Sight is no stranger to explosive controversy – and the 2020 season has already proven more scandalous than ever before.

Now, in what could possibly be the most explosive claim ever made by a MAFS star, Stacey Hampton has alleged her arch-nemesis and fellow bride Natasha Spencer secretly hooked up with her TV husband Mikey Pembroke’s dad, Andrew, during filming.

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Speaking to New Idea, Stacey explains the moment Mikey told her about the alleged dalliance.

Mikey said, ‘I’m pretty sure [Natasha] hooked up with my dad (or at least) I’m pretty sure she’s hooking up with my dad,” Stacey says.

He was pretty certain,” she continues. “It wasn’t a joke.”

Mikey exposed the truth during the reunion.

Stacey also claims she confronted Natasha about Mikey’s claims in front of the entire cast and crew during filming of the reunion special, causing a dramatic showdown between the brides.

“When Natasha started coming at me, I said hold on a minute [Mikey] told me you slept with his dad.

Meanwhile, Natasha, who has previously admitted to being attracted to older men, strongly denies the allegations.

It is not known whether the drama will play out on screen or if producers have decided to cut it entirely from the show.

This is Mikey’s dad, Andrew.

Natasha is said to have met Mikey’s father, Andrew, an anaesthetist, on the couple’s wedding day.

Insiders say she was instantly attracted to the successful doctor and it wasn’t long before she began flirting with him.

When recently asked about the supposed “hook up”, Natasha says there is no truth whatsoever.

“Stacey’s made fake allegations and I understand she’s deflecting but that doesn’t give her the right to say I f–ked Mikey’s dad,” Natasha is heard saying in a video obtained by New Idea.

“She’s just a gross individual.”

Stacey confirmed the allegations in a New Idea exclusive.

In his original audition tape, Mikey revealed that his parents had separated when he was 10.

“But they’re best friends,” he said, describing his family as “functionally dysfunctional.”

The 29-year-old also joked about his mother, Mary, describing her as a “cradle snatcher”.

And he’s [Andrew]10 years younger than her [Mary] yeah, she’s a cougar! Cradle snatcher!” Mikey said.


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