Kyle Sandilands SLAMS Guy Sebastian backlash: “It’s too much”

The radio host has defended Guy Sebastian after the singer faced criticism for backing out of #VaxTheNation.
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Kyle Sandilands has come out swinging in defence of Guy Sebastian after the singer copped backlash for pulling out of the #VaxTheNation campaign.

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Speaking on Kyle and Jackie O on Thursday, the shock jock slammed the wave of criticism against The Voice judge, saying people are “trying to kick the boot in”.

“It’s too much – the annoying thing about the whole Guy Sebastian fiasco is that he’s started getting accused of being anti-vax and pining to the masses, but he wasn’t doing that,” Kyle explained.

“He’s vaccinated, he believes in vaccination, he wants to get back to work.”

Guy’s video apology has been widely criticised. (Credit: Instagram/guysebastian)

When co-host Jackie O suggested that people were mad because Guy seemed “ashamed” over his pro-vaccine stance, Kyle leapt to the Battle Scars singer’s defence once again.

“He’s not ashamed, they’re wrong,” Kyle continued. 

“He felt it (the original post) may have been too preachy, because he knows people who have suffered cancer, cancer survivors … people are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and he knows them. He just didn’t explain it clearly enough.”

Kyle slammed those criticising Guy’s apology video. (Credit: Instagram/kyleandjackieo)

Kyle’s rant didn’t stop there, with the radio host also taking aim at singer Ben Lee over his post that slammed Guy for pulling out of the campaign that urges music fans to get vaccinated.

“Look at the people that had a whinge, people no one even cares about – Ben Lee.

“Who could care less about what Ben Lee thinks. You did one song 15 years ago, a**ehole, so pull your furry head in and stop b*tching about someone else who does remarkably well.”

Earlier this week, the Catch My Disease singer had taken to Twitter on Monday to call out Guy in response to his video, writing, “To be honest, this is actually a really sad example of what happens when your career is dependent on trying to be all things to all people.” 

Guy was also blasted by radio host Ray Hadley in an awkward on-air who said that the singer should “get off the fence” and “grow a set.”

“That was a weak-kneed, ordinary response when the vast bulk of people in your industry are desperate to get back to work and the only way they get back to work is through double vaccination.

Ray added, “That was a really weak response.”

Ray blasted Guy on an awkward on-air rant. (Credit: 9News)

After Guy posted the controversial video claiming that the original #VaxTheNation post had been published without his “direct involvement”, many were confused as to where he sat on the vaccine debate.

However, he has since confirmed to that while he is “double-vaccinated”, he doesn’t believe it’s his place “to tell people what to do.'”

“There is no confusion, I made the personal decision to be double vaccinated,” he said in the statement.

“I support the music industry initiatives to revive our industry, however, I personally don’t believe it is my place to deal in absolutes to tell people what to do in regards to their personal health choices.

“We need to remember to communicate with empathy and understanding,” he said, adding, “This has always been my goal.”

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