King Charles and Queen Camilla go on their first State Visit to France

They had to postpone their original March trip due to pension protests.
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King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have made their first State Visit as the heads of the monarchy to France, touching down early this morning.

Welcomed by the French president Emmanuel Macron at France’s famous landmark, the Arc De Triumph.

They followed in the footsteps of The King’s great-great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, attending a State Banquet at the Chateau de Versailles just like she did in in 1855.

This was the first visit to France by a British monarch in over 400 years!

WATCH NOW: King Charles and Queen Camilla walk out onto the balcony after the coronation. Article continues after video.

The King made his first address to the French President in their native language, “Mr. President, in all of this we can rely on our firm friendship, which is renewed and reinvigorated with each new generation.”

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Turning his address to the French people, “I would like if you would allow me, to raise a toast to President and Madame Macron and to the French people, as well as to our Entente Cordiale – a sustainable alliance. Whatever lies ahead, may it endure, faithful and constant, for centuries to come.”

Fans of King Charles applauded his French, commenting: “As a French person, I can tell you that the King speaks French very well.” 

Another supporter continuing, “Perfect French! 👏🏻 Beatiful speech! Merci Votre Majesté!”

From left to right: Queen Consort Camilla, King Charles, Emmanuel Macron and Madame Macron. (Credit: Getty)

When they first arrived in France, Camilla showed how times have changed rocking her rose pink power suit compared to Queen Elizabeth II’s first French State Visit in a skirt.

Charles balanced out her pink suit with a lighter blue suit, and to add a bit of flair he even added a spotty tie!

Talking about skirts, the French President’s wife, Madame Macron, also donned a long dark blue skirt.

Which matched well with Emmanuel’s classic black and white suit. 

However Camilla really stole the show, with royal supporters flooding the comments on how lovely she looks. One fan commented, “The Queen looks very elegant in her pink outfit.’ And another said, “Queen Camilla looks absolutely stunning.”

Pictured on the red carpet at the State Banquet, Chateau de Versailles. (Credit: Instagram)

Madame Macron matched with Queen Consort Camilla for the State Banquet, looking absolutely regal in their flowing royal blue dresses. 

Even though they wore similar dresses, the public couldn’t get enough of Camilla’s long-flowing cape. With one commenting, “The Queen just slay love the long gown.” And another commenting, “I’d love to see more of the Queen’s gown. Looks lovely!”

Not to mention their dashing husbands, one royal, and one president, with their hair slicked back in matching black and white traditional tuxedos.

King Charles continuing on the family tradition, quoting: “My parents’ first official visit together was to France in 1948.”

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