The Kath & Kim house has undergone a huge makeover

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Diehard fans of Kath & Kim are devastated at the modern mcmansion that now sits at the prized (albeit fictional) Fountain Lakes address that was once inhabited by TVs favourite Fox Morons.

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Towering over an idyllic suburban street in Melbourne’s Patterson Lakes, the new dwelling is a far cry from the quaint brick abode that became iconic via Gina Riley and Jane Turner’s hit series. 

The original house was demolished in 2022, after being sold for $1.48 million in November 2019. 

This iconic house is no more. (Credit: Supplied)

Kath’s good room, the backyard where many a ‘wine time’ was had, and Kim’s collection of soft toys were all reduced to a pile of rubble in order to start afresh. 

Peter Rowsthorn, who played Kim’s husband Brett, said he wasn’t surprised that the “weird house” was sold and bulldozed.

Our favourite Foxy Morons. (Credit: Supplied)

“If I bought it, I’d probably tear it down too,” he told ABC Radio

Peter did add though that the house contained many cherished memories. 

“I played cricket in the backyard there with Shane Warne,” Peter recalled fondly.

“I danced in the garage with Kyle Minogue. I sat and had dinner with Barry Humphries dressed up as a monk.”

Out with the old and in with the new. (Credit: Supplied)

One devastated Kath & Kim superfan Maria Grande from Melbourne wishes the property had been kept as it was. 

She suggests that it could have been turned into an Airbnb so that fans could rent the “iconic and memorable space” for their chosen events. 

Maria added that the house would have become a “landmark of our great city,” one that “ties it to such a brilliant TV show, loved by so many worldwide.”

Very noice. (Credit: Supplied)


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