Karl’s fury: Cass and Georgie hold secret meetings

The hushed conversation that had everyone talking.

It’s been a tense few months for embattled Today hosts Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic. And with on-air tensions reaching boiling point, new information has surfaced that Georgie has been having secret discussions with Karl’s estranged ex-wife and fellow journalist Cassandra Thorburn.

Insiders told New Idea that the two were spotted at a recent event having hushed discussions, leaving onlookers to ponder what they might have been plotting.

‘Everyone was talking about how close Georgie and Cass seemed,’ said an onlooker. ‘They were in deep conversation for quite a while, speaking quietly as well as whispering in each other’s ears – they seemed as thick as thieves,’ the source said.




‘No-one could hear what they were saying but it certainly seemed like they were up to something,’ they added.

It’s no secret that both Cass and Georgie have had problems with Karl, ‘so it’s easy to assume what they may have been speaking about!’ the source said.

Ever since the infamous ‘Ubergate’ scandal, where Karl was overheard badmouthing Georgie to his brother Peter, Georgie and Karl’s relationship has never really been the same.

‘Things were bad enough to start off with – but they only got worse when Georgie heard just how little Karl thinks of her,’ revealed the source.

According to the insider, there have also been rumours that Georgie would love to work on a project with Cass down the line. They’re both accomplished journalists and she feels it would be a really smart move for them.

And no doubt a meeting between the two would give Karl cause for concern.

‘There’d certainly be a lot of interest if they joined forces. Georgie has known Cass for years and would’ve been excited to catch up with her at the recent Sydney event. Georgie can find Karl really difficult to work with and would have loved having a sympathetic ear to talk to.’

Cassandra was married to Karl for 21 years and the couple split two years ago. Shortly afterwards the 45-year-old went public with his now-fiancee Jasmine Yarbrough, 10 years his junior, who he plans to marry in a lavish Mexican wedding at the end of the year.

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