Shock confession: My husband murdered JonBenet

A bombshell investigation is revealed.

Charlotte Hey, a woman from the US, has explosively told the National Enquirer that her husband killed beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. 

According to the bombshell confession, her husband Glenn Meyer was ‘obsessed’ with the pageant star, whose unsolved murder remains America’s greatest mystery. 

In the self-described ‘jaw-dropping investigation’, the National Enquirer claims to have traveled to six states, interviewed dozens of sources, worked alongside detectives and uncovered new witnesses in a new attempt to crack the 21-year cold case. 

The 85-year-old widow told the publication, ‘I believe my husband killed JonBenet, I knew he was capable of it.

‘When I asked him if he murdered her, he would just smile at me. He wouldn’t deny it.’ 

Charlotte, who married Meyer in 1960, only to eventually left him in 1966. The two continued to date on and off in the years following and then remarried before the murder in 1996, and divorced in 2002.


At the time of the murder, Meyer was living in the basement of a home across the street from the Ramsey’s in Colorado, and the National Enquirer claims the now deceased Indiana man built a shrine to the dead beauty queen. 

The publication sensationally reveals that the alleged suspect used pictures and newspaper clippings to create the shrine. 

‘He had pictures [of her], pieces of newspapers with JonBenet pasted all over the wall of that apartment,’ Charlotte told. ‘He was obsessed.’ 

John Ramsey, the slain child’s father, told the Enquirer: ‘Yes, Glenn Meyer was of interest at some point.

‘I do recall him coming to our door the night of our family Christmas party, which was just before Christmas. I don’t remember why. Up to that point we did not now he was living across the street in the basement.’ 

The ramsey home
The Ramsey Home, Christmas 1996 (Credit: Getty)

The National Enquirer further claims that a new witness, who they have not named, made a deathbed confession that she saw Meyer on the Ramsey property on the night of the murder. 

‘She [the woman] is positive she saw Meyer approaching the house the night of the murder,’ Roscoe J. Clark, founder of online group JonBenet Investigation, confirmed to the publication. ‘The witness said she waned to clear her conscience before she died.’ 

Charlotte further claimed that her late husband had a history of violence.

‘He was violet with my little girl,’ she explosively tells the publication. ‘She was in the fourth grade and he gave her such a horrible spanking. I told him to stop but he wouldn’t. 


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