What ever happened to McDonald’s birthday parties?

New Idea investigates.
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It’s the Aussie tradition that every kid was eager to experience – McDonald’s birthday parties. 

Complete with exclusive access to the playground, ice cream cake, happy meals and more all to be shared with an exclusive list of your classmates in a VIP party room, these parties were the stuff of dreams.

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But in recent years this tradition has quietly faded away, leaving us to wonder what exactly has happened to the classic kids’ party at McDonalds? 

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And are we right to worry that a new generation of kids will miss out altogether? 


Going to a McDonald’s birthday party was the childhood dream for many. (Credit: Getty)

If you head to the McDonald’s Australia website for the beloved fast food franchise it encourages parents to book online and “give your child a party they love.”

“Birthday celebrations should be fun, hassle-free, and filled with great memories. Celebrate your child’s birthday with us and we’ll make sure your child’s party is exactly that.”

“You can choose two great value packages, each offering games, entertainment, and meals. And with more than 200 committed Birthday Party restaurants Australia-wide, there are plenty of nearby locations to choose from.”

But despite encouraging parents to book online, Mcdonalds’ is “not currently accepting bookings for birthday parties.”

COVID-19 has put kids parties on halt. (Credit: Getty)

When New Idea reached out to McDonald’s for comment on this sad situation, it was revealed to us the children’s parties were a casualty of COVID-19. 

“Macca’s birthday parties were paused during the pandemic, and we’re reviewing when and how we’ll bring them back,” a spokeswoman said. 

“In the meantime, families are always welcome to visit our restaurant and enjoy a Macca’s moment together, such as for a birthday or team celebration.”

“We do recommend you phone ahead to our local restaurant, so we’re ready to accommodate larger groups.”

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