Influencer’s TikTok seen in different light after her partner is charged with murder

"Are you guilty or not guilty?"
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Gracie Piscopo’s Halloween costume from earlier this year has come back to haunt her.

In a now-deleted TikTok, the social media influencer showed off her costume: Tinkerbell from the popular Disney film, Peter Pan.

WATCH: Gracie’s Tinkerbell TikTok

And while it was a stunning costume and Gracie’s makeup was flawless, it’s likely she deleted the TikTok because of the audio that played over the clip.

The audio heard in Gracie’s TikTok was from the scene in Peter Pan when Peter confronts Tinkerbell about tricking the Lost Boys into attacking Wendy.

Peter says, “You’re charged with high treason, Tink. Are you guilty or not guilty? Guilty?! But don’t ya know ya might have killed her?”

This audio hits a little too close to home now that her partner and father of her child, Andre Zachary Rebelois has been charged with murder.

gracie piscopo andre zachary rebelois
Gracie’s now-deleted TikTok of her dressed up as Tinkerbell with Peter Pan audio that says, “… ya might have killed her” has resurfaced online now that her partner has been charged with murder. (Credit: Instagram)

As first reported by The West, on Tuesday, November 23, Andre – a cryptocurrency dealer – was taken into custody and charged with the murder of his mother, Colleen Rebelo.

Colleen was found dead on May 25, 2020, inside a million-dollar home in Bicton, Perth.

Andre will remain in custody until he faces Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on December 21.

According to The West, Andre has also been charged with fraud; charges that are reportedly linked to the overall murder investigation.

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Andre has pleaded not guilty to all of these offences and is set to face trial in December 2023.

Gracie and Andre started dating in 2014 and have a son together, Romeo, aged 3.

While Gracie’s Tinkerbell TikTok has been deleted from her own account, it’s resurfaced online on other’s social media accounts.

One Instagram account posted the video this morning, after Andre’s arrest, and the comments are flooded with negative sentiments towards Gracie.

gracie piscopo, son and partner
Gracie has been with Andre since 2014 and the two share a son together. (Credit: Instagram)

One Instagram user commented, “This is way too crazy to be a coincidence,” while another wrote, “She would have had to [have] known right?”

One person even commented: “It’s giving inheritance”.

However, many defended Gracie too. “This was a trending sound on TikTok at the time, I don’t think this is relevant to her current situation and insensitive to post, if anything,” one user wrote.

Another commented, “Given how unexpected this is and tight lipped the authorities are being, I don’t believe either Gracie or Andre knew they were planning a case around charging him for murder.”

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