EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight Martha reveals what she REALLY thinks of Sam

The bride doesn't hold back on the controversial groom!
MAFS 2019

Married at First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli sat down with Real Talk with Holly and Ali for their latest episode and revealed their thoughts cheating groom on Sam Ball, post-scandal with Ines Basic.

I don’t hate Sam. I think Sam is a bit misunderstood,” Martha tells Real Talk with Holly and Ali

“I think he might have a kind side, but he’s also really egocentric. He really does love himself. But you know why I respect Sam, he’s 26, he’s very well-spoken, he’s very polite, he’s got great manners. He isn’t some aggressive guy. He’s quite graceful and gentle. He’s not vulgar,” Martha explains.

Martha reveals that while she has nothing against Sam personally, she rejects his actions towards his now ‘ex-wife’ Elizabeth Sobinoff.

“When I watch him [Sam] back on the TV, because again, we don’t see anything. We just see Sam at the dinner party, charming. But when I see the way he speaks to Elizabeth now on the show, I feel like if some guy spoke to me like that, I wouldn’t just be leaving and closing the door and saying ‘no, no.’ I would be like [furious!]. I feel like Elizabeth was quite patient and she took a lot. I wouldn’t have the patience to sit through or take any of that,” Martha continues.

“I think he [Sam] does contradict himself a lot. He’s young. It’s hard to keep up with the lies when there’s so many lies,” added Martha on the Real Talk with Holly and Ali podcast.  

Sam and his ‘ex-wife’ Elizabeth chose to leave the experiment and are no longer on MAFS as a couple as of this week.

For more reality TV goss, listen to the newest episode of reality TV podcast Real Talk with Holly & Ali below.

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