The best Cricut projects for beginners

Learn how to create with confidence!
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Cricut smart crafting machines are taking the world by storm, making it easier than ever before to DIY. 

From keen crafters to side hustlers to aspiring creatives alike, Cricut machines are the ultimate make-it-yourself device, allowing you to personalise almost anything in a few simple steps. 

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Whether you’ve done extensive research online, or eagerly watched on as your friends, family and maybe even colleagues have crafted away, it can be overwhelming at first to get started on some Cricut projects of your own. 

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But fear not!

We’ve pulled together a few of our favourite beginners’ Cricut projects, designed to get you well and truly into the groove as you set forth on your crafting journey. 

(Credit: Cricut)

Cricut recommends to New Idea readers keen to give their brand new smart cutting machine a whirl to start simple at first. 

“We recommend projects such as vinyl, decals, labelling, specialised water bottles, cards, etc.”

“This can easily be done using printable stickers, vinyl, [and] card materials.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Cricut also has numerous guides (available on demand and in real-time) available online for beginners, designed to help you develop the skills to create with confidence

So how can you best dip your toes into the cool, crafting waters? Why not try these four simple projects: 

  • Personalised journal with stickers
  • Personalised water bottle 
  • Pantry Labels 
  • DIY Bespoke cards 
(Credit: Cricut)

So you’ve gotten comfortable crafting with your Cricut machine?

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