The controversial new chip flavour from Doritos you need to try

These coriander flavoured Doritos are set to divide Aussies...
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Doritos have launched their most controversial flavour yet – coriander. 

Yes, you read that right! 

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The bold and divisive new flavour has been described as “deliciously fragrant” and “indulgently soapy” by Doritos and is sure to get chip lovers and coriander haters everywhere talking.

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Vandita Pandey, Chief Marketing Officer ANZ for PepsiCo (which owns Doritos) said that the brand was excited to settle the age-old debate of whether coriander really tastes like soap in a tasty corn chip form. 

Will you be trying this? (Credit: Supplied)

“We know some Doritos fans are going to love it, but we also know some will hate it – our legendary corn chip is ready to put tastebuds to the test.”

“With the taste of coriander being one of Australia’s most divisive flavours we want to boldly launch the flavour in chip form and see if coriander really does taste like soap.”

Vandita said it remained to be seen whether the coriander flavoured corn chips would be a “sensational hit” or a “soapy miss.”

It’s the flavour that will divide Aussies everywhere… (Credit: Supplied)

If you’d like to get your hands on a packet and taste test the new flavour for yourself, a limited number of packs will be exclusively available via a giveaway hosted on Doritos Instagram page. 

To participate and have your way in the debate head over to @doritos_aus and share why you love (or hate) coriander. T&Cs apply.

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