WATCH! A Brisbane woman woke up to a snake licking her face!

We would SCREAM!


A Brisbane woman has had the shock of her life this morning when she woke up feeling something lick her face only to find out it was a two-metre-long snake! 

WATCH! Brisbane woman wakes to two-metre snake licking her face! 

Queenslander Sally Stent told Sunrise this morning that two weeks ago she had felt an unknown ‘something’ brushing her forehead. 

After repeatedly brushing it away, Sally opened her eyes only to find herself looking at gigantic python wrapped around her table, who had been hovering just above her bed licking, her face. 


It seems as if Sally handled the situation FAR better than we would be! 

“I opened my eyes and the snake was a couple of centimeters from my face looking at me,” Sally said.

“It wasn’t scary, it was shocking. I was like, that’s not meant to be there!”

According to 7News, experts explained that the unwanted visitor had probably just eaten, came in the bathroom window and sought the warmest thing in the house, which unfortunately for Sally, was her face.

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