These Aussie baby names are going extinct because they’ve been called ‘bogan’

Parents are avoiding these names like the plague.
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Many of Australia’s popular baby names are starting to fizzle out according to new research.

Most notable is the avoidance of ‘bogan names’ such as Barry, Donna, Tracey, Kylie and Wayne.

According to author and social researcher Mark McCrindle, he believes it all dates back to parent’s childhoods.

He told ‘New parents are picking names in their 30s and we need to remember they went to class with people called those names. Hearing them drags them back to awkward times in high school and the people they grew up with. Parents don’t want to be reminded of that.’

McCrindle also linked the ‘bogan name’ avoidance due to shortening of names such as the common Sharon nickname, Shazza. People rather avoid having their child being succumbed to the cultural cringe factor of it all.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not people will ever use the names again in the future, McCrindle revealed that it may take a whopping 100 years to see the names appear again.

You can see a full list of popular bogan baby that newbie parents are using in 2017 right here.

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