Bindi Irwin announces break from social media after public fallout with grandfather Bob Irwin

"I need some time to focus on the happiness that is my family."
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Bindi Irwin is taking a month-long break from social media and the ‘public eye’, to focus on her family and her mental health.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday night, Bindi uploaded a black-and-white photo of her and three-month-old daughter Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, to announce that she is stepping back from her public profile.

“Hi guys, Just a note to say thank you for your support,” she penned.

“I’m taking a break from social media and most of my work in the public eye for a month to be with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful family,” she said.

bindi irwin grace warrior powell
Bindi is taking a month-long break from the ‘public eye’. (Credit: Instagram)

In the caption, Bindi explained that she needs some time to “focus on the happiness that is my family (both human and animal)”. 

She added that recently, she has had many people reaching out to share their own stories of “working hard to protect their mental health”.

“Thank you for sharing and speaking your truth. To my friends who are dealing with depression, anxiety and other battles every day – I see you,” she said.

“These issues are very real and deserve to be discussed and addressed.”

bindi robert terri irwin chandler grace powell
“Surround yourself with the light of people who genuinely care about you…” (Credit: Twitter)

“Surround yourself with the light of people who genuinely care about you and will support you during the good times and the hard times,” she added.

“Remember there are helplines available. Mental health deserves more understanding and support instead of being dismissed or patronised.

“You are absolutely worthy of love and kindness.”

bindi irwin grace chandler powell
Bindi recently detailed her estranged relationship with her grandfather Bob. (Credit: Twitter)

The announcement comes after Bindi shared her ‘pain’ of her estranged relationship with her grandfather Bob Irwin.

In the since deleted response, the wildlife warrior wrote: “I really wish that my entire family could spend time with Grace. Unfortunately, my grandfather Bob has shown no interest in spending time with me or my family.”

She went on to say that he has ignored her, preferring to spend time “doing anything else rather than being with me” and that he has never said “a single kind word to me personally”.

“It breaks my heart. I have struggled with this relationship my entire life and it brings me enormous pain,” Bindi added.

bindi irwin terri robert bob
Bob (right) was reportedly left “devastated” by Bindi’s claims. (Credit: Getty)

In the post, Bindi also claimed that she has been at the receiving end of “psychological abuse” from her grandfather Bob, and soon after, sources close to Steve’s father rushed to the 82-year-old’s defence.

According to Channel Seven, former Australia Zoo employee and co-author of the conservationist’s 2016 autobiography The Last Crocodile Hunter, Amanda French, claimed that Bob was “devastated to his core” at Bindi’s comments.

“He has nursed me through some tough times in my life, and had my back through thick and thin,” Bob’s close friend said.

“He is nothing but kind. To write that there is psychological abuse from the kindest, most beautiful soul I have ever met, is heartbreaking.”

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