“This show used to be slick”: Viewers slam the 2022 ARIA Awards

“A s**t show of awkward pauses…”
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Last night, November 24, was the annual ARIA Awards – Australia’s biggest night in music…

The ceremony took place at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion and Torn singer (and Aussie legend), Natalie Imbruglia hosted.

WATCH: 2018 ARIA Awards red carpet

However, the 2022 ARIAs were definitely not up to the standard of previous years… At least, according to Twitter users.

During the entire ceremony, viewers took to the social media platform to express how disappointed and angry they were about ARIA presenters constantly missing their cues as well as the ‘low’ production value.

One Twitter user wrote, “Watching the #ARIAs on TV and did they just throw the show together today or was there maybe an afternoon on zoom worth of planning involved,” while another said, “Who the f**k is producing the broadcast of the #ARIAs tonight!? This thing is a s**t show of awkward pauses. This show used to be slick.”

natalie imbruglia arias 2022
Viewers were extremely unimpressed with the 2022 ARIAs, which Natalie Imbruglia hosted. (Credit: Getty)

Many compared the 2022 ARIA awards to a high school production. One person Tweeted, “The ARIAs gave a very strong Rock Eisteddfod vibe. Actually, that’s offensive to public high school students,” while another wrote, “Do we know if they’ll announce the high school that is producing next year’s #ARIAs tonight?”

One user sarcastically summarised the awards ceremony on Twitter and wrote:

“Quick summary of the 2022 #ARIAs:

– It looks like a Year 10 Communications project that got a C-

– The presenters are reading off the teleprompter like they have a gun to their head.

– Who?”

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Of course, some did enjoy elements of the 2022 ARIA awards. Jeff from The Wiggles was praised by one Twitter user, who wrote, “Shoutout to Jeff Wiggle who is 70 next year. What a f**king King,” when the former Purple Wiggle appeared on stage.

Similarly, Budjerah, Thelma Plum and Jess Mauboy were praised for their Archie Roach tribute.

archie roach tribute arias 2022
Some elements of the ARIA Awards were praised by viewers, like the Archie Roach tribute. (Credit: Getty)

“I have to say, what a beautiful performance from @BudjerahS @ThelmaPlum_ & @jessicamauboy dedicated to Archie Roach,” one user Tweeted.

And one user just genuinely enjoyed all the backlash the ARIAs faced online. “The #ARIAs getting roasted tonight is the real entertainment,” they wrote.

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