Has the winner of The Amazing Race Australia 2023 been leaked?

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It’s been a whirlwind few weeks of racing across the likes of India, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Borneo for our all-star cast in the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. 

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Whilst the season began with 11 celebrity teams competing for a cool $100,000 in prize money to donate to their chosen charity, each leg of the race has whittled down the competitors to just four remaining teams, each of whom has consistently tackled the race with resilience and tenacity.  

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Despite the final leg of the race not yet being aired, keen fans of the reality program believe they know who will take home The Amazing Race Australia win for 2023, with fan forums and betting sites such as Sportsbet, providing some unique insight into the potential race result. 

Darren and his nephew Tristan are fan favourites to win. (Credit: Channel 10)

Who will win The Amazing Race Australia in 2023? 

They’ve faced plenty of challenges so far, but the most intricate challenges set to test both heart, mind and body still lay ahead for the four celebrity teams still remaining in the race. 

Scottish-Australian television producer Darren McMullen and his nephew Tristan Dougan are currently tipped to land at the final pitstop in front of host Beau Ryan first, with odds currently sitting at $1.57. 

They’ve consistently given every roundabout, roadblock, and detour everything they have (lest we forget those epic facial piercings they received in India), and something tells us they will be tough to beat in the final stages of the competition. 

Could this mother daughter duo take out the trophy? (Credit: Channel 10)

As for the other two remaining teams, mother-daughter duo Angi and Alli Simpson are currently sitting in second place with odds to win currently listed at $2.25. 

And in third and final place is former Yellow Wiggle Hayley and her sister Emma, the pair consistently surprising fans (and themselves) with their success in the race, even going on to win two legs for themselves. 

Emma and her sister Hayley have proved to be formidable competitors. (Credit: Channel 10)

When is the finale of The Amazing Race Australia 2023? 

The final episode for The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition will air from 7:30PM AEST on Thursday, November 9 on Channel Ten and 10Play. 

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