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How to style rugs around your home

Elevate your space with this simple addition!
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The right rug can bring together a room, add instant personality to your space and even work as a statement piece. But with so many options, how do we know what type of rug will work for which room?

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Shaye Ford, interior designer and stylist at Miss Amara, shares her tips on how to select and style a rug throughout your home.

Living room

When styling a rug in the living room, consider lifestyle factors and size.

Consider lifestyle factors and size. (Credit: Getty)

If you’re looking for something soft and cosy, opt for a rug with a high pile that is super-plush underfoot. If you want a living room rug that is suitable for kids and pets, go for a washable, flatweave, or easy-care rug.

As for finding the perfect size, you need to consider the space you’re working with. For a generous area, aim to buy a rug large enough to fit all your furniture on it. The last thing you want is for your furniture to feel squashed and constricted.

In a smaller space, you want your feet to be placed on the rug when you’re sitting on the lounge, so ensure the rug is big enough for at least the front legs of the furniture to sit on it.

Avoid: Arranging your furniture around a rug that’s too small.

Dining room

Choose a shape that works with your table, and ensure the chairs and table sit comfortably on the rug (and that the chairs rest on the rug when pulled out!). As a rule of thumb, allow a border of approximately 60cm around the table.

Allow a border of approximately 60cm around the table. (Credit: Getty)

As meals will be shared here, this space is prone to spills and accidents, so a soft synthetic rug made from polypropylene with easy-to-clean fibres is ideal. For a non-shed rug that will make vacuuming and maintenance super easy, opt for flatweave or low pile rugs.

Avoid: A rug that is too small and doesn’t fit all the furniture. This can be a serious tripping hazard and your chairs are at risk of getting caught on the edges.


A great place to feature a thicker, braided, or textured rug that may not be as practical in a high-traffic family living space. I’d recommend a shag rug that is more lush and luxurious, to create a soft landing for sleepy feet.

You can opt for a more textured rug in the bedroom. (Credit: Getty)

If texture isn’t your style, a flatweave rug or a low pile rug is a great alternative, while choosing a neutral rug creates a more peaceful and relaxed feeling. For easy care and low maintenance, choose an incredibly soft synthetic fibre rug.

Avoid: Using a rug that is too small to accommodate the furniture. Opt for a runner either side of the bed instead.


We spend so much time in our kitchens, so why not make it as beautiful and comfortable as the rest of your home? I recommend choosing a flatweave rug, as they are super durable and hard-wearing, so perfect for lots of foot traffic!

Something colourful or with a pattern helps to add personality, while also being a practical choice for hiding any spillages that may occur.

Runner rugs are also a great choice, as they easily fit in narrow spaces between benches and islands.

Runner rugs are a great kitchen option. (Credit: Getty)

Underlays are a must to avoid any slips and will keep your kitchen floor rug secure and safe, and prevent any lumps or bumps appearing.


Entertaining furniture is a must in any home with an outdoor space. But a rug for this area is often overlooked during the design process when it can really finish a space, as well as add depth and cosiness that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought your space could evoke. I recommend a durable flatweave rug or a polypropylene rug as they are easy to maintain and stain resistant.

As always, placement is crucial, and when it comes to choosing size, the rug should be able to fit all the furniture entirely on it.

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