Red Rooster releases SPICY new fried chicken

“We know we’re onto a winner.”
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Red Rooster is upping their game and expanding their delicious chicken range, this time adding a spritz of spice to their menu.

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This month, the iconic chicken brand will release Reds Hot Fried, a spicy take on a timeless favourite that’s still pretty new to the menu itself.

Reds Hot Fried will serve as an upgrade to the popular Crunchy Fried Chicken released by Red Rooster last year, who decided to move into the fried chicken space after 50 years of successful operation across a number of countries.

The new menu item comes coated in a glossy, spicy sauce that adds a peppery kick to the chicken we know and love, and hopefully enticing customers with a broader palate for spice.

Reds Hot Fried chicken pieces. (Credit: Red Rooster)

“Our customers have been asking for more heat for some time now and there’s a definite trend towards spice,” said Red Rooster Director of Marketing, Ashley Hughes.

“This hot and spicy version of our Crunchy Fried Chicken is an extension of our core menu and the perfect way to deliver that real hit of flavour. It’s just one more example of the menu and food innovation taking place at Reds right now,” Ashley added.

“It’s all part of a bigger brand transformation and our mission to satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings.”

Red Rooster hopes to satisfy Australia’s spice cravings. (Credit: Red Rooster)

Red Rooster is partnering with Menulog to launch the new spicy product, making it available to their customers a whole week prior to its store release.

While the new hot fried chicken is available country-wide from Wednesday, February 23, those ordering via Menulog can give it a try from February 16.

“We are pretty certain that Aussies are really going to love our spicy version as we had a huge response to our gamechanger Crunchy Fried Chicken last year,” Ashley said of the new release.

“We think it’ll go well as our chicken is fresh not frozen and prepared daily … we are teaming up two favourites together – crunch and spice. We know we’re onto a winner.”

You can nab some of the delicious new chicken now via Menulog or grab it in stores from next Wednesday.

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