MILKLAB launches oat milk specifically designed for coffee drinkers

“This is the year of oat milk."
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Ahead of International Coffee Day on October 1, Australian plant-based milk brand MILKLAB has launched their highly anticipated oat milk; MILKLAB Oat.

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It comes as the perfect news for plant-based lovers who love their coffee, as this new launch is tailored specifically for them.

MILKLAB Oat is said to have been designed in collaboration with the world’s finest baristas, cafe owners and coffee connoisseurs to blend perfectly with espresso coffee.

It’s a cafe creation almost two years in the making, and MILKLAB Oat was curated with coffee drinkers in mind.

milklab oat milk coffee
MILKLAB Oat is the perfect milk for coffee. (Credit: Supplied)

According to the latest Café Pulse Report 2021, oat milk has been the fastest growing plant-based milk in out of home café beverages during COVID-19 trading.

“This is the year of oat milk. It’s the fastest growing plant-based milk, and we’re only just beginning to see the craze take off in Australia,” MILKLAB General Manager of Marketing Serge Costi said.

“MILKLAB Oat has been developed in collaboration with baristas, with the single aim of creating the perfect alternative milk to enhance the coffee experience.”

milklab oat milk coffee
“This is the year of oat milk.” (Credit: Supplied)

“You’re not a true coffee snob unless you’re a milk snob. It’s arguably the most important ingredient to the perfect coffee experience,” said Chritos Panas, DTOWN Coffee Roasters.

“Since oat milk is now one of the most requested alternatives to dairy, we were thrilled to collaborate with MILKLAB to add our expertise and understanding of what coffee drinkers are looking for to create the most delicious, creamy coffee experience.”

MILKLAB is available at cafes and retailers across Australia, and you can visit their website for stockists.

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