REVEALED: Where are the cast of Offspring now?

We'll always be part of the Proudman family.
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It’s hard to believe it’s only been three years since we said goodbye to the quirky Proudman family and friends of Offspring.

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First appearing on our screens in 2010, the contemporary drama instantly captured our hearts to become on of the most popular series of the decade – with multiple TV WEEK Logies and AACTA awards to prove it.

Bundle of anxious energy, 30-something obstetrician, Nina, was a loveable mess. And, she was considered the most normal of her fabulously dysfunctional family – Billie, Jimmy, Darcy and Geraldine.

Then there was Nina’s colleagues, just as chaotic and loveable as her family.

We laughed, we cried and we were hooked for seven long years.

So where are the beloved characters now? We investigate below.

offspring cast
“Offspring was a fantastic experience; it was a true gift…” (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Nina Proudman – Asher Keddie

Since playing Nina, the character Asher has become so well known for, the actress has made an effort to pursue very different roles.

Offspring was a fantastic experience; it was a true gift, and I do miss Nina, but I’m moving towards work that’s moving towards me; I’m hungry for knowledge about global issues,” she recently told TV WEEK.

Asher has appeared in dramas The Cry, The Hunting, and most recently, Stateless. (Credit: Supplied)


That hunger has seen Asher appear in dramas The Cry, The Hunting, Stateless and more recently The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

kat stewart
Kat played Billie on Offspring. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Billie Proudman – Kat Stewart

Wild child and older sister, Billie was a force of nature, best known for her erratic plans and rollercoaster relationship with Mick.

kat stewart
Kat has since gone on to appear in Orange Is The New Brown and Network 10 drama, Five Bedrooms. (Credit: Network Ten)


Her portrayer Kat has since gone on to appear in Orange Is The New Brown and Network 10 drama, Five Bedrooms.

richard davies
Jimmy, played by Richard, was the wayward sibling. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Jimmy Proudman – Richard Davies

If Billie was the wild child sibling, we’d have to call Jimmy the wayward one. Always finding himself in sticky situations, what Jimmy lacked in life direction, he made up for with a heart of gold.

richard davies
Richard has since starred in Netflix series Tidelands. (Credit: Supplied)


Richard has since starred in the 2018 Netflix series Tidelands alongside Elsa Pataky, Lucy and DiC, Hamish & Andy: True Story and Nine’s crime series Informer 3838.

linda cropper
Geraldine was the matriarch of the family. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Geraldine Produman – Linda Cropper

Matriarch of the family Geraldine wasn’t without her own drama and scandal. A flower child of the 70s, she never quite shook the hippy lifestyle.

linda cropper
Linda has since appeared in Pine gap and How To Stay Married. (Credit: Supplied)


Actress Linda Cropper has since popped up on our screens with small roles in Fool’s GoldPine gap and How To Stay Married.

john waters
John portrayed Dracy Proudman, who died unexpectedly in season six. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Darcy Proudman – John Waters

Smooth-talking real estate agent, Darcy Proudman proved time and time again he had no trouble with the ladies.

Fans were left reeling when he died unexpectedly in the season six premiere, while overseas on a cruise.

john waters
John has since starred in ABC’s Mystery Road, Rake, The Commons, and The End. (Credit: Instagram)


John has been busy since his time on Offspring, starring in ABC’s Mystery RoadRakeThe CommonsThe End, and mini-series Halifax: Retribution with Rebecca Gibney.

deborah mailman
Deborah played Cherie, who later became a steadfast part of the family. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Cherie Butterfield – Deborah Mailman

Cherie went from colleague and friend of Nina’s to part of the Proudman family when it was revealed she had an affair with Darcy resulting in a pregnancy and her first child, Ray.

Despite the shock, Cherie became a steadfast part of the family.

deborah mailman
Deborah has since appeared in series, Cleverman, Mystery Road, Jack Irish, Bite Club, and Total Control. (Credit: ABC)


Renowned actress Deborah Mailman has since appeared in series, Cleverman, Mystery Road, Jack Irish, Bite Club, and Total Control. Plus, she played a starring role in The Sapphires

lachy hulme
Clegg found love with Cherie later in the series. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Dr. Martin Clegg – Lachy Hulme

We’ve never had a weird and wonderful character quite like Clegg. The quirky doctor found love with Cherie later in the series in what became on of our favourite, if not unconventional, relationships.

lachy hulme
Lachy has since starred in Romper Stomper and Preacher. (Credit: Stan)


Proving he’s the ultimate acting chameleon Lachy has since starred as Blake Farron in Stan’s hit remake Romper Stomper and black comic inspired comedy, Preacher.

eddie perfect
Mick, played by Eddie, was the musically talented heartthrob husband of Billie. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Mick Holland – Eddie Perfect

Mick was the musically talented heartthrob husband of Billie. A rockstar in the making, Mick struggled to make the big time, but when he finally started to gain success it took its toll on their relationship.

eddie perfect
Since finishing up on the show, Eddie has turned his focus back to music. (Credit: Instagram)


Since finishing up on the show, Eddie turned his focus back to music, working as a composer on Beetlejuice: The Musical on Broadway. Now, the musical is heading to Australia, however when is yet to be confirmed. 

He also made a surprise appearance on The Masked Singer, competing as Frillneck.

don hany
Doctor Havel was Nina’s huge crush. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Chris Havel – Don Hany

We were first introduced to Doctor Havel thanks to Nina’s huge crush. Things didn’t quite work out romantically, but the doctor paved the way for her two great loves: Patrick and Harry.

don hany
Don has since starred in series Picnic At Hanging Rock, Doctor Doctor, Secret City and Bad Mothers. (Credit: Instagram)


Don has been popping up on our screens since the 1990s and has since starred in series Picnic At Hanging Rock, Doctor Doctor, Secret City and Bad Mothers.

matthew le nevez
Patrick was in one of TV’s most shocking deaths. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Patrick Reid – Matthew Le Nevez

We’ll never truly recover from the loss of anaesthetist and Nina’s partner, Patrick Reid. The dad-to-be was hit by car in what made one of TV’s most shocking deaths. Initially walking away from the accident, he later suffered a brain injury and died.

matthew le nevez
Matt returned to LA and landed two major roles. (Credit: Supplied)


After his time on Offspring, Matt returned to LA and landed two major roles in The Widow with Kate Beckinsale and Absentia with Stana Katic.

alexander england
Harry, who was played by Alexander, was kindhearted and caring. (Credit: Supplied)

THEN: Harry Crewe – Alexander England

When Nina (and we) lost Patrick, we never though she (we) would love again.

Then, along came Harry. It wasn’t a perfect relationship but Harry was kindhearted and caring, and when Nina fell pregnant for a second time, with Harry the father, it felt right.

alexander england
Alexander went on to play Jakob Novak in Secret Bridesmaids’ Business. (Credit: Channel Seven)


You may recognise Alexander from recent hit show, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business where he played Jakob Novak. More recently, alexander starred in Little Monsters, How to Please a Woman and Black Snow which featured Brooke Satchwell. 

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