Farmer Wants A Wife spoilers revealed!

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With its wholesome nature and relationship success rate, Farmer Wants A Wife has captured the hearts of viewers all over Australia who are invested in each farmer’s love story.

So far, we have seen relationships blossom, crumble, and even a short-lived “secret partner” scandal. But there’s more to come.

While we have watched Farmer Dean leave the show with Teegan, Farmer Tom with Sarah C, and Farmer Bert with no one, we don’t yet know the fate of the other farmers.

However, we do have some intel which may spoil things. According to Sportsbet, Farmer Dustin is tipped to end up with Sophie, Joe with Sarah, and Todd with Daisy. More on that here.

Spoilers ahead! (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Dustin

When Dustin showed Sophie around his property, his passion for his farm touched the speech pathologist, who was reminded of her father’s own connection with his farm. They ended the day with a romantic piggyback, and apparently more romance is in store.

During New Idea’s interview with Dustin, he also hinted that he found love when he revealed that although his family were hesitant about the show at first, “now after this all happened, they’re all pretty happy”.

Read more about Dustin and Sophie here.

Farmer Joe

After Farmer Joe questioned why Sarah was more reserved with him, she opened up about her past relationship and assured the farmer that she was interested in him. It seems their relationship will continue to grow from here.

The cattle farmer also admitted there was a clear favourite in his second week, though he didn’t confirm who.

“She really caught my attention and took my breath away a little bit,” the Bombala local told our sister site TV WEEK. “We had very similar senses of humor, she’s obviously a very beautiful girl, and I felt really comfortable and connected.”

Read more about Joe and Sarah here.

Who will find everlasting love?

Farmer Todd

From the start of his journey, Farmer Todd felt a “spark” with gym manager Daisy, 28, inviting her to a romantic candlelit dinner. Impressed by the date, which ended in a kiss, Daisy told Todd she felt “very at home” at his farm, located in Baan Baa NSW. 

A source also told New Idea that Todd is set to leave Farmer Wants A Wife “extremely loved up,” dishing that a proposal could “fully be on the cards”.

“Todd is a very happy camper right now,” the source said. More on that here

Whether or not these spoilers are true? Well, we will have to keep watching to find out.

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