Farmer Wants A Wife’s Sarah confirms split from Farmer Tom following reunion

"People are not always who you think they are."
farmer tom sarah c farmer wants a wife

Though they entered the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion still together, Farmer Tom and Sarah C have officially parted ways.

Taking to Instagram, Sarah confirmed that she and the farmer didn’t get their happily ever after.

“Unfortunately, that lifelong love that I was seeking with Tom did not turn out the way that I had hoped it would,” she wrote.

“It’s definitely a relief now to put that truth out there that Tom and I are no longer together.”

farmer tom and sarah c farmer wants a wife
Tom and Sarah have parted ways.

She continued: “Relationships don’t always work and people are not always who you think they are.

“I can hold the knowledge that I gave my all to the experience and our relationship during, and since, the show, and I am really proud of that.”

Farmer Tom, 22, officially left Farmer Wants A Wife with Sarah after confessing his love for the 23-year-old.

Leaving runner-up Krissy broken-hearted, Tom told Sarah that she was “the one” he could see a future with.

“It has been an honour having you around the farm,” the 22-year-old said. 

farmer tom and sarah c farmer wants a wife
“I am falling in love with you,” Tom said.

“I’ve absolutely loved every moment of it. Sarah, you are the person that I want a relationship with, and I am falling in love with you.”

An elated Sarah confessed she was “excited to move back to the farm” so she could have Tom all to herself, before telling him: “I do love you.”

The crop and cattle farmer replied “I love you too” before the couple sealed the sweet moment with a kiss.

Tom and Sarah were the second couple this season to find love, following in the footsteps of Dean and Teegan who have since split. Fans of the show were over the moon with the farmer’s decision.

“I knew from the start Sarah was the one,” one viewer wrote on social media. “They are so cute together. Wishing them all the best for their future.”

farmer tom and sarah c kiss farmer wants a wife
Fans were hopeful for these two.

Speaking with New Idea in April, Farmer Tom revealed that he was looking for someone who was “super understanding of the farm” and his lifestyle.

“I wouldn’t give up my dream and plans of where I want to be for someone, and I never expect someone to do the same for me,” he told us.

“I think you’ve gotta be on the same page and support what each other wants.”

Meanwhile, a self-described “hopeless romantic”, Sarah told Seven that she and Tom certainly “align on so many levels”.

“We share similar goals, a dry sense of humour and positive attitude. We’re both young, but old souls.”

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