What Alone winner Krzysztof plans to spend his prize money on

Plus, he reveals what he loved most about his experience.
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After an impressive 64 days surviving in the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island, 39-year-old aquaculturalist Krzysztof Wojtkowski is the Alone Australia 2024 winner.

The Victorian outlasted nine fellow competitors, including 54-year-old Suzan who tapped out of the wilderness just one day prior.

He follows in the footsteps of Gina Chick in 2023 who lasted 67 days on the shores of Tasmania, and will take home a life-changing cash prize of $250,000 for his awe-inspiring efforts to not just survive, but thrive with limited resources and only himself for company.

Krzysztof lasted three days less than Gina Chick did in 2023. (Credit: SBS)

Battling against the relentless wind, rain, and freezing temperatures, and enduring hunger, dehydration, and a lack of basic creature comforts, there’s no doubt that Krzysztof is a worthy of being the Alone Australia 2024 winner.

While initially tricked into believing he was being medically evacuated due to a decline in his health, the survivalist had the surprise of a lifetime when it was revealed that he was the last contestant standing.

“I just can’t believe that I’ve won. The thought of being the last one standing was never on my mind. For me, just getting out there and getting the opportunity to experience this was the big win for me,” a shell-shocked Krzysztof shared with the producers and cameramen that surrounded him.

“Time is finite, you only get so much time in the world, so make the best of every opportunity. I spent 64 days alone, but I never felt alone. I got to camp, I got to build things, [and] I had a million-dollar view. I’ve learned a lot from the experience and I’m so grateful for it,” he added.

The winner couldn’t believe he had lasted the longest. (Credit: SBS)

Speaking with New Idea the morning after his momentous win, Krzysztof said it still hadn’t sunk in yet, and that had no clue what to spend his prize money on.

“There are a couple of LEGO sets, but beyond that, I have no idea,” he revealed.

He also added that while would have “kept pushing” for as long as he could, he knew it would have only been “a matter of time” before he was forced to tap out.

As for the experience itself, the winner tells us he actually preferred being in the wilderness and was eager to return.

“I don’t mind being alone. It was a good opportunity for introspection.”

“It was more difficult reintegrating back into society and having to put the mask back on and be a functioning member of society again.”

Before and after 64 days of survival. (Credit: SBS)

While he didn’t go into the wilderness with any expectations, he did make sure he learned the necessary survival skills so he could stay on his isolated stretch of New Zealand’s South Island for as long as he could.

“The common theme on Alone is that people go hungry so I really focused on learning all the local flora because it’s a lot easier to catch a plant than it is to catch an animal,” Krzysztof jokes.

And while the isolation was a dream come true for the 39-year-old, he says nothing could have prepared him for the “absolutely stunning views” that became his companion each and every day.

“It was like a Bob Ross painting, it was just amazing.”

As for whether or not he’d like to compete in another series of Alone, Krzysztof is all for it: “I’m ready to go now, let’s do it!”

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