We’ve pinpointed exactly where Alone Australia was filmed

Two seasons have been filmed in two vastly different locations.
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When it comes to reality television shows, it doesn’t get more real than Alone Australia

Raw, unfiltered, and factual, the series follows contestants through self-recorded footage as they attempt to survive in the harsh environment that surrounds them.

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Completely isolated from the outside world (and each other), everything that they do is captured as it happens as contestants fight against everything mother nature throws their way. 

International versions of the cult survivalist series have been filmed in remote locations and national parks across Europe, Asia, and Northern America where wild weather and close encounters with big cats and grizzly bears keep contestants on their toes. 

When SBS first confirmed an Australian spin-off was on its way, they were faced with the unique challenge of finding a suitable location for filming – and they didn’t disappoint.

Alone Australia season one contestants. (Credit: SBS)

Where was Alone Australia season one filmed?

For the inaugural season of Alone Australia, filming took place on the west coast of Tasmania. 

Speaking with our sister publication TV Week ahead of the season one premiere, Executive Producer Rimma Daher said that it was an easy choice to film in the island state.

“It doesn’t get much tougher than the West Coast wilderness and we weren’t about to do things in halves for our first Australian series,” she shared at the time. 

“We wanted a winter series that challenged all of our participants and Tassie is about as harsh – and as beautiful – as winters get in Australia.”

Alone Australia season two contestants. (Credit: SBS)

Where was Alone Australia season two filmed?

For season two of Alone Australia filming moved to the South Island of New Zealand. 

While the exact location has not been confirmed by SBS, references to a lake, and a contestant revealing that they were 200m above sea level indicate that filming took place at Lake Manapouri and the surrounding area that borders the Fiordland National Park. 

 Executive Producer Rimma Daher said that everything was “bigger, taller, deeper, [and] wilder” in New Zealand. 

“The landscape itself is upscaled, and some of the dangers are upscaled with that as well. It’s colder, the weather events can be more drastic. Earthwuakes and avalanches are [also] a real threat,” she shared when the new filming location was first revealed.

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