Nicole Kidman: How I really stay looking so young

The age-defying actress finally confesses

She’s known for her flawless, age-defying complexion – and despite plastic surgery whispers in the past, Nicole Kidman insists her wrinkle-free visage is down to sun safety and a simple skin care regime.

Speaking to PopSugar, the 50 year old actress admits she is ‘low maintenance’ when it comes to skin care products but she’s fanatical about protecting her fair skin from the sun.

The Big Little lies star says she uses a regenerating cream with retinol in it, at night, and during the day she uses SPF 100 and invisible zinc.

(Credit: Getty)

‘I use the invisible zinc, if I’m going to work out or if I’m going to the beach or if I’m going to play tennis, also if I’m filming because it’s really good for filming because obviously you can’t reapply all the time and if I’m outside,’ she told the website.

‘I mean, people would say that I’m over the top, but I don’t think I am.’

Speaking of the importance of sun safety, Nicole adds: ‘If young people learn that early they’ll have incredible skin later.’

Speaking to Allure earlier this year, the Oscar winner insisted she doesn’t pay much attention to aging.

‘I think back to being a teenager, and I don’t think I ever had any kind of attention on it,’ Nicole said.

‘It wasn’t part of my focus, which is probably the same for teenagers now. I think the more we can make the focus about health and feeling good about yourself and self esteem and confidence and all of those things where you just go, ‘okay, well, that defines me as a person.’

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