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MAFS stars Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant are expecting!

"When 3 becomes 4."
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Married At First Sight’s Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have shared some very exciting news… the loved-up couple have announced they are expecting another baby in July!

Jules revealed the news in an exclusive interview with Stellar Magazine and its podcast Something To Talk About also sharing that the two had been trying for nearly three years.

“We’ve been trying since [son] Ollie was one, and he is now three-and-a-half,” Jules told Stellar.

“We were realistically going into 2024 thinking, ‘If it doesn’t happen, we will look at the IVF route’, but I never lost faith that my body could do this again.”

They also shared the news on Instagram writing, “When 3 becomes 4 🥰. We both can only imagine our heart’s capacity to love will just keep on expanding…”

WATCH NOW: Cam Merchant posts video of Ollie to Instagram. Article continues after video.

Jules and Cam began their journey in September 2018 while filming for season 6 of MAFS which premiered in 2019. 

After they married onscreen, the couple’s love continued to grow and they married for real in 2020. 

In September 2020, their family grew from two to three as they welcomed their son, Oliver Chase Merchant.

Both Jules and Cam love to share their lives with their son, who is now three years old, on Instagram.

As time has passed we have continued to watch Jules and Cams’ love grow while they learn how to work together to parent their adorable son.

Jules recently spoke exclusively to the Daily Telegraph about how she is “burned out” and how “2024 will be [her] year of health and wellness.”

Baby number two is expected in July! (Credit: Instagram)

Where is Jules Robinson now?

As well as being an amazing mother to her son, Jules is also the Owner and Founder of the shapewear brand, FIGUR. She is also the Owner and Founder of two other companies… a beauty bar called Status Co and the newly launched fashion label MOIRA MUSE.

In her recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Jules revealed that she is on “the verge of burnout” and has lost her balance.

“Really, when I thought about it, I’ve been running at full speed for five years,” Jules said. 

“As a mum, you tend to put everything before yourself. Your child, your partner, your career… it’s easy to forget that you’re supposed to put your own oxygen mask on before you can help anyone else. This year, I’m trying to find the balance.”

Jules has declared that 2024 will be her year of “health and wellness.”

Are Jules and Cameron from MAFS still together?

Jules and Cameron have been together for over five years! After marrying onscreen in 2018 to marrying for real in 2020, the loved-up couple have stood the test of time and ended up happier than ever.

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How many kids do Jules and Cameron have?

While Jules and Cam only have one child, their adorable son Oliver, Jules has talked openly about trying for another baby. Jules has struggled to get pregnant in the past… she previously spoke with OK! Magazine about her plans to undergo IVF if she was unable to conceive naturally. “We haven’t gone down the route of IVF yet, but if needs be, we will,” Jules said.

“We’ll hopefully get a little girl for Cam. We’ve already decided on a girls’ name – we came up with it after we got engaged on MAFS!”

January, 2024 (Credit: Instagram)

Jules shared this photo of the three of them with massive grins on their faces!

She captioned the post, “My fav photo of us 2024 😉.”

January, 2024 (Credit: Instagram)

Jules shared this gorgeous family photo to Instagram in January 2024 accompanied by a heartfelt message to Cam for his 40th birthday. 

Happy 40th birthday to my @cammerchant… they generally say life begins, or you come into your own when you hit 40 but you live life to the full every day and your awareness for who YOU truly are, your beliefs, and what you need to be the best version of yourself is like no other…” she penned.

December, 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

A cute Christmas post made by Jules. “Merry Christmas❤️ Love from our lil family to yours,” she wrote. 

November, 2023 (Credit: Getty)

Jules revealed that Ollie calls her his best friend! She posted this beautiful photo of her and her son and wrote: “Not one to gloat 😉 but when my son was asked at kindy today who his best friend was he said me. Mummy 🥰 #heartmelt sorry not sorry hubby 😂. I’m sure he will change his mind tomorrow!”

November, 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

Cam shared this fun family photograph on Instagram… “Family, fresh air & falling off swings.. 😂 (He’s ok & tough our little mate),” he wrote.

“Everything you need to connect back to, when you may feel small moments of challenge & overwhelm.

“Reset. Walk it off, breathe it in, laugh it out & connect.

“Grateful for the loved ones around us & appreciative for the precious & most important things in our World that are right in front of us ❤️.”

October, 2023 (Credit: Getty)

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way,” Jules penned to Instagram. 

September, 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

For Father’s Day, both Cam and Jules shared adorable messages about how their life changed after little Ollie came along. 

“The greatest, most challenging, loving, joyful experience & privilege I could ever ask for & be part of…” Cam wrote. 

Jules shared a reel of videos with the song Beautiful, You Are by Ruby Amanfu playing in the background. “Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy in the world! @cammerchant,” she wrote.

“I hope you know how beautiful you are ( and you two together ) and how much I appreciate how you make this parenting ride one unforgettable, messy, tiring, funny, fulfilling, joyful, sometimes stressful experience 😂amazing with you.

“Ollie couldn’t have asked for a better daddy. We love you! Happy Father’s Day xxx.”

August, 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

At the end of July through to August 2023, Cam and Jules travelled to Europe WITH Ollie. The photograph on the left shows Jules and Ollie together on a balcony in Ravello, Amalfi Coast while the second photo shows Cam squishing Ollie on the flight over.

“Little shout out to my little dinosaur for being most of the time a great little travel buddy…” Jules wrote.

“Your love for pasta, pizza, and gelato and sleeping till 9.45 am was very appreciated… P.S apologise to everyone on any flight we have ever been on 😂.”

June, 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

Jules shared a cute photo of Ollie and Cam to Instagram, describing the distinct similarities between the two.

“He has your aura and your eyes…” Jules said.

March, 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

Jules’ birthday falls on March 8, which is also the date that marks International Women’s Day. 

In 2023, Cam shared a cute family photo to mark the occasion. 

“Happiest of Birthdays & Happy International Women’s Day to my Gorgeous Wife! ❤️” he wrote.

“Ollie is even excited for a super early wake-up & celebration. We love you, so proud of you in everything you do & thank you for continuing to light up our world everyday 🌎 ❤️.”

February, 2023 (Credit: Instagram)

Ollie made a Valentine’s Day card for his mum and dad!

“Ollie providing the spark, creating Valentine’s Day cards from the top shelf ❤️,” Cam wrote.

“As romantic as it gets for us this evening!🤣 Sending you plenty of love wherever you might be from our family to yours ❤️.”

Ollie is just adorable.

December, 2022 (Credit: Instagram)

Christmas in 2022…

“Merry Christmas Legends 🎄 From our family to yours 🦆 Hope you have a fab day ❤️,” Cam wrote.

July, 2022 (Credit: Instagram)

Ollie and Mum had a cute day out! We find out his secret obsession…

“Monday vibes: ☕️ Current Obsession = holding cups 🤷🏼‍♀️😂,” Jules wrote.

June, 2022 (Credit: Instagram)

“Someday we will find what we are looking for.. or maybe we won’t,” Cam wrote.

“Maybe we will find something much greater than we ever thought we could imagine or wanted…

“Be thankful not just for where you are, but for who is there by your side.

“So thankful for these 2 smiles in my world ❤️❤️.”

April, 2022 (Credit: Instagram)

Ollie takes a swim in the pool with Mum and Dad… how cute!

“Mum, Dad, stop it!! you’re embarrassing me! 😂” Jules jokes.

“Plenty more where that came from my child 🙌🏾😂 🍩.”

December, 2021 (Credit: Instagram)

Christmas in 2021…

“Huge Merry Christmas from our family to yours wherever you may be… Whoever you might be with or unable to be with… Sending you plenty of smiles & ❤️,” Cam wrote.

“Very grateful to spend it with some special people today, not to mention getting a cheeky smile from Ollie & my wife for organising such a wonderful,l memorable day 🥳😍🙏🏽.”

One fan pointed out how quickly Ollie grew… Ollie was just one-year-old at the time of the photograph.

“Merry Christmas ❤️❤️ Wow Ollie is growing.. what are you feeding him @cammerchant 😂😍,” the fan commented.

October, 2021 (Credit: Instagram)

Ollie’s first selfie! “Proud parents 😍,” Cam captioned.

“Sunday Celebrations for Ollie’s first selfie 🥳😂.”

September, 2021 (Credit: Instagram)

Ollie celebrated his first birthday in September 2021. Both Cam and Jules took to Instagram to share birthday posts for their adorable son.

“Happiest of Birthdays to my best little mate & our beautiful boy Oliver Chase ✨,” Cam said.

“Incredible to think it’s been 1 year already & the amount of joy, challenges, laughter & love you have brought us is beyond words…

“I know you can’t read this but I do tell you everyday & one day we will show you the mess you made when attempting to demolish your first celebration ❤️.

“Happy 1st Birthday Little Cubby we love you 😍.”

Jules’ post said, “That smile lights up our day, his laughter makes our day, watching him grow and learn is just the most incredible thing in the world, enriching our lives and bringing endless joy is what he does.”

“We don’t sleep half as much 😂 but every hard, learning curve is worth every part of the happiness that that little man brings.”

December, 2020 (Credit: Instagram)

We can’t believe how tiny Ollie was! This adorable family photo was posted following Ollie’s first Christmas. 

“Ollie after too many bottles of the finest white on Boxing Day 🍼 🍾😂,” Jules penned.

October, 2020 (Credit: Instagram)

Jules and Cam announced the birth of their child in October 2020. 

I would do it a thousand times again for you Oliver Chase Merchant,” Jules wrote.

“Our little man has arrived ❤️ #surprise #itsaboy healthy and beautiful and my heart is full.

“We are home now and enjoying the love bubble and getting to know our lil man Ollie who has the world ahead of him ❤️.”

Cam also shared a sweet message upon the arrival of baby Ollie.

“Hold on tight little one… This thing called life is an amazing ride ❤️,” he penned.

“So thankful to welcome a healthy & gorgeous little Oliver Chase Merchant into our lives 😍.

“What an incredible experience & one that I will never forget ✨.

“Mum was amazing throughout & doing well & I’m not sure I can describe the love I have & so thankful to hold your little hand throughout ❤️.”

April, 2020 (Credit: Instagram)

Jules and Cam revealed the news that they were expecting their first child together in April 2020. 

We are having a baby!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” Jules wrote. 

“You heard it here so you know it’s actually true! And we couldn’t be happier! I’m already so in love with my bump!”

Cam also shared the news to Instagram saying, “We are having our first baby & I’m going to be a Dad!!😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

“And couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you!”

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