Royal tears: Princess Mary’s Christmas heartbreak

The Danish royal is missing her home.
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Tasmanian-born Princess Mary is said to be heartbroken she won’t be returning to Australia this Christmas. Despite often visiting her home country during past festive seasons, it appears the crown princess will remain in her adoptive home of Denmark this year.

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It’s perhaps not surprising that the soon to be queen of Denmark is remaining in the northern hemisphere. As the time for her to join husband Prince Frederik on the throne gets closer, her responsibilities are expanding and it’s unlikely she’s able to take time away.

prince frederik
It is rumoured Prince Frederik will ascend the throne within the next year. (Credit: Getty)

With Queen Margrethe turning 80 next year, it’s now considered highly likely she will abdicate during the coming year. The Danish monarch has already unofficially begun the process by handing over many of her royal duties.

In October, Princess Mary was officially given permission to step in and carry out duties for Queen Margrethe.

Prince Frederik Mary
Princess Mary and Prince Frederik during their last visit to Sydney. (Credit: Getty)

“As regent, the Crown Princess will, from now on, be able to attend to the Queen’s duties as head of state when the Queen and the Crown Prince are prevented from doing so, for example during a stay abroad,” a statement by the royal family announced.

It’s likely Mary will continue to be inundated with royal events and duties this year.

In 2019 she visited Japan, the United States, South Korea, Kenya and France, among many others and as well as travelling extensively in Europe.

Mary enjoying a beach dip in Australia. (Credit: Supplied)

But as has been obvious in the past when Mary and Frederik have prioritised family holidays, not being able to take a break from royal life and visit her homeland and Australian family, could be a challenge.

After all, in the past the princess has admitted being in Denmark has proved challenging. “I did experience a feeling of loneliness – short-term – when I first moved to Denmark,” she told Australian Women’s Weekly.

Mary is ready to take on more royal responbilities. (Credit: MEGA)

“Moving to Denmark was a huge change in my life – a new culture, new language, new friends, and another way of life.”

She added: “So, I see it as quite natural that at times I felt quite alone or a little bit like I was on the outside looking in.”

The crown prince and princess last visited Australia on an official royal tour in October 2013 and have returned twice for private holidays, in 2015 and 2017.

During her first Australian tour alongside Frederik in 2005, Princess Mary explained how Australia would play a role in her future children’s lives.

“I think it’s only natural that our children will have some Australian influence because a lot of me is influenced by my upbringing in Australia,” she said. “I’m sure they will have desire to come and see where I have grown up as well.”

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