Princess Diana fashion: Her most iconic moments

She was always the royal trendsetter.
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Princess Diana changed the rules of royal fashion etiquette to suit her style, which is why she will forever be known as the most fashionable royal.

The world was shocked to see Diana stepping out in her iconic ‘revenge dress’ at a Vanity Fair party in 1994 after the then-Prince Charles admitted to his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Even Diana’s accessories screamed trendsetter after wearing a heirloom emerald choker necklace as a headband.

But even more casual outfits, like styling bike shorts and a sweater were set by the fashion-forward Princess, something we commoners could even replicate and still do nearly 30 years later.

Even Catherine, the Princess of Wales style draws influence from her mother-in-law including Diana’s Collingwood pearl drop earrings, and her sapphire engagement ring to their taste in clothing.

However, no one can quite match the mark Diana made in fashion history.

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The revenge dress 

When Princess Diana stepped out in 1994 for the Vanity Fair event wearing the little black Christina Stambolian dress, it was immediately labelled the ‘revenge dress.’

That very evening, her then-husband Charles made the adultery confession on television. But it wasn’t him that gained everyone’s attention, it was Diana, the People’s Princess. 

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Emerald choker

While Diana donned the emerald choker on numerous occasions, during a gala dinner in Melbourne, Australia in 1985 she wore the necklace as a headband for the first time. She paired the statement jewellery with a teal gown designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

The piece, worth around $20 million, was gifted to Diana by the Queen. 

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The Cannes Film Festival

At 26 years old, Diana strutted into the Cannes film festival in an icy powder-blue tulle gown featuring a scarf which she tied behind her to flow like a train. 

Diana worked on the piece with Catherine Walker, inspired by Grace Kelly’s character in To Catch A Thief. 

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James Bond Premiere

In July 1985, the Princess arrived at the London premiere of the James Bond film ‘A View To A Kill‘ wearing a gold reflective evening gown designed by Bruce Oldfield.

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Black and White 

While Diana was mostly pictured wearing colourful gowns and outfits, it was rare to see the Princess in a black and white suit.

In November 1987, Diana arrived at a reception at the city hall in Munich wearing a checked suit by Alistair Blair – and doesn’t she look stunning?

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Jewels, jewels, jewels!

Diana’s beautiful jewellery was certainly on display during a state reception in Brisbane, Australia in 1983. 

The Princess wore the Spencer Family Tiara with sapphire and diamond jewels which were a gift from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. 

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