Is Queen Mary still an Australian citizen?

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When Princess Mary walked into a Sydney pub one fateful night during the Sydney Olympics, she had no idea her life would soon change forever thanks to a chance encounter with the then Crown Prince of Denmark – Frederik Andre Henrik Christian

The lovebirds eventually tied the knot on May 14th, 2004, but before that, the Hobart native had to make significant changes to her life as she stepped up into her new role as Princess Mary of Denmark, and likely the future Queen Consort of Denmark. 

On January 14, 2024, that day finally arrived and Mary was proclaimed Queen of Denmark after the shock abdication of her mother-in-law only a few weeks prior.

This led many to wonder whether or not the Tasmanian native could be both the ruler of the European nation AND still a citizen of her birth country Australia.

Here’s what we know…

princess mary prince frederik wedding
A fairytale romance (Credit: Getty)

Is Queen Mary still an Australian citizen?

After years of long-distance with Frederik, Mary made the permanent move to Denmark where she intensively studied his native tongue.

Speaking with the Australian Women’s Weekly in 2017, royal commentator Lars Hovbakke Sørensen said that Mary had picked up the Danish language – which is notoriously difficult to learn due to its hard guttural sounds and many vowels – like a true master. 

“Crown Princess Mary’s Danish is very good, and she learned quickly,” he said. 

Mary was then made to convert from her Presbyterian faith to the Danish Lutheran Church as well as agree to give up her rights to any future children she and Frederik may have in the future in case of divorce. 

king frederik queen mary coronation
King Frederik and Queen Mary wave to crowds from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace after ascending to the throne of Denmark on January 14, 2024. (Credit: Getty)

Then the biggest, and perhaps most obvious, sacrifice was made – Mary, the Aussie girl who found her very own fairytale, was made to relinquish her Australian AND British citizenship (which was a result of her Scottish-born parents) in order to become a Danish citizen.

Usually, it is a nine-year process for non-Danish-born individuals to attain citizenship, gained through continual residency.

But given the special circumstances surrounding the newest member of the Danish monarchy, the Danish parliament passed ‘Mary’s Law’, giving Mary Danish citizenship through her marriage to the future King of Denmark. 

In the almost 20 years since marrying, Mary has thrown herself into her royal duties, Danish quickly becoming her preferred tongue. 

WATCH NOW: Princess Mary accidentally switches to Danish while delivering a speech in English. Article continues after video.

But that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her Aussie roots, making numerous official and unofficial visits down under over the years!

During the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Mary hinted at still holding a place for her homeland in her heart as Australia and Denmark faced off in high stakes, high-reward game. 

“We cheer from “Top Over” and all the way “Down Under,” when the match against Australia starts at the World Cup. Come on, Denmark ⚽️,” The Crown Prince Couple shared on the official Danish royal house Instagram account. 

The accompanying image was of Mary with her beloved bordie collie Grace who posed with a soccer ball in the colour of the Matildas, as well as Queen Mary with the colours of the Danish flag painted upon her face. 

queen mary dogs soccer australia
“Come on, Denmark ⚽️,” Mary shared on Instagram (Credit: Instagram)

While the image did little to confirm where Mary’s true loyalties lie, her inclusion of the Aussie colours at all was a sweet nod to her roots. 

The morning after the game (in which the Matildas scored a victory, knocking out Denmark), Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese weighed in on a debate that had been raging in the leadup to the game. 

“I think she’s done that already, mate,” he said when asked whether Mary’s lack of obvious allegiance to the Matildas was enough to have her citizenship revoked. 

“I think that’s how you get to be a princess,” he joked. 

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