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MKR Manu’s massive revelation about Sonya and Hadil

'I wish they would have just zipped it.'
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Fiery team Sonya and Hadil got kicked off My Kitchen Rules on Wednesday night, and now judge Manu Feildel has weighed in on the controversial situation. 

The 44-year-old Frenchman has revealed he thinks Sonya and Hadil were a high chance to win the prestigious prize of $250,000. 

Manu told TV Week on Wednesday that he wishes the girls scaled back the drama, saying: ‘I wish they would have just zipped it!’

‘They knew how to cook very, very well,’ Manu told the publication, calling the pair ‘strong competitors.’

‘I wish they would have just zipped it and got on with the cooking.

He added: ‘They didn’t have to go that far to win the competition.’

On Wednesday night’s explosive episode, Sonya and Hadil were ‘excused from the table’ after their bullying, snarky comments and vicious attacks went too far. 

Their unacceptable behaviour prompted judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans to ask them to leave the competition. 

It has not yet been revealed if the pair will return on Sunday night’s episode. 

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