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Big Brother’s Estelle reveals where she and Tim stand after THAT Twitter feud

The pair finally came face to face at the Big Brother live finale.
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The Big Brother 2022 live finale isn’t just an exciting time for fans because we get to witness who this year’s winner is – it’s also the time for housemates to spill all the goss about the tears, tantrums and triumphs that went down in the house!

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While this season certainly saw its fair share of drama (cough, Sam and Drew), it was former pals Tim and Estelle’s fallout on social media that really had viewers shocked. 

In case you missed it, the pair had a major fall out on Twitter back in June, when drama kicked off after Estelle tweeted that she felt like Tim and Anthony Drew treated her and other female housemates like “punching bags” during their time in the house.

Tim has regrets over his feud with Estelle (Credit: Seven)

“You didn’t see what had been going on with Drew and I for weeks… I would also routinely cop it from Drew & Tim if they needed a punching bag,” she penned at the time.

Tim then infamously replied: “You are Big Brother’s Amber Heard. Cancel yourself and go away!”

Reflecting on his reaction to New Idea, Tim admitted that he acted from a place of “hurt” at the time and hoped to make amends with his former friend before the live finale.

“I haven’t spoken to her yet. I’ve reached out a few times in the last week,” Tim revealed.

Fast forward to Tuesday’s live finale, and Estelle revealed that the wounds were still raw.


“When you love someone so much it’s always going to hurt more and I guess we’re still on a road to recovery, but yeah, it was hard to go through,” Estelle told Sonia.

Tim added, “I chatted to Estelle, sent her a few messages and like I owned my stuff. I did say some things that I regret out of hurt – and like Estelle said, when you love someone it hurts deeper.

“Love me or hate me, I do sometimes say the wrong thing but I’ll always own it in the end. Me and Estelle … I guess you saw a real relationship play out. We played the game so differently, her with her heart, me with my head, but I think we need to congratulate each other for as far as we went.”

While it sounds like these two have a way to go, we have no doubt these two will work things out in the end!

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