How to pick a pet for an apartment

is what 
you need to 
know about purchasing a pet in the city

Are you thinking about getting a pet but are worried about whether they’ll be OK in your apartment?

Thomas Derricott, community manager from Mad Paws pet-sitting platform, discusses what you need to know about getting a goldfish or a puppy. 

What to ask before you get a pet

I spoke to Dr Tim White of Pawssum, the vet-to-home service, who told me: “Before committing to a pet, check with your landlord if they have any limitations on the size of your dog, the number of pets you can have and any conditions they might require you to adhere to as a pet-owning tenant. Your local vet can always write your pet a reference letter to reassure them of your pet’s health and behaviour. Pawssum vets can come to your home to check your pet, help them settle in and even speak to the landlord if they have any questions.”

Which pets are best for apartments

Fish, most breeds of cats and some types of birds are well suited to city life. While certain dog breeds can adapt smoothly, it pays to consult a breed expert before adopting or buying. For example, many people assume that small breeds will fit perfectly into city life. While this can be true in some cases, some small dog breeds will go stir-crazy without a backyard.

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Keeping your 
neighbours happy

Kirrilli Cobley, a Ray White property manager, told me about neighbour complaints, which everyone wants to avoid. “No-one wants to hear your pet cry for you all day while you’re at work,” she says. “Integrate your new pet into their new surroundings slowly and make sure you’re there to adjust to this with them. If your pet’s stressed and anxious, consider doggy day care, working from home if you can, or hiring a dog walker to facilitate some attention while you’re away from home.”

Pet-proofing your apartment

If you have a balcony, have it pet-proofed with plexiglass or netting. That way, your pet can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine without putting themselves at risk of a fall. Beyond that, always use a leash when you’re walking your dog in the city. Finally, if you’re going to be away from your pet for more than a few hours, play it safe and leave them 
with a pet sitter.

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