Woolworths is getting rid of its 15c reusable plastic bags

In a bid to reduce plastic waste...
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Supermarket giant Woolworths has begun phasing out its 15c plastic shopping bags in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

Woolworths had already removed the plastic bags from its ACT, NT, SA and WA stores but now the company aims to have the bags removed from all stores across the country by June.

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In a bid to reduce plastic waste, Woolworths said in a statement that this change would allow “more than 1800 tonnes of plastic [to be] removed from circulation annually across the state.”

Woolies also said that customers who live in those states where the bags have already been phased out responded positively to the change thanks to “their usual eagerness to do good for the environment.”

woolworths bag
Woolworths will remove its 15c plastic bags from all stores by June. (Credit: Woolworths)

Of course, with Woolworths planning to get rid of the 15c plastic bags, those of us who regularly forget to bring our bags shopping with us will have to up our game.

We highly recommend getting a few cute reusable bags because you’ll be less likely to forget them if they’re pleasing to the eye.

Read on to see our top picks for cute reusable shopping bags

Cotton On

cotton on bag
(Credit: Cotton On)

Cotton On sells a wide variety of reusable bags in various fun prints and colours. Plus 100% of the proceeds from Cotton On’s shopping bags goes to the Cotton On Foundation – the company’s charity which helps young people in Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia get better access to education.



redbubble bag
(Credit: Redbubble)

Redbubble, a shopping site for independent artists to sell their work on, has a tonne of cute reusable shopping bags in Australian-themed prints. If you love Aussie animals – like koalas, kookaburras and possums – and flowers – like Waratahs and gum tree blossoms – you have to get a bag from Redbubble!


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myer bag
(Credit: Myer)

If you’re looking for a more upmarket shopping bag, Myer has them in all different types of styles, materials and sizes from a wide range of different brands. At Myer, you’ll be able to get colourful canvas bags as well as durable leather totes.


Etsy Australia

etsy bag
(Credit: Etsy)

Etsy, unsurprisingly, has a HUGE range of reusable shopping bags. You name any colour or print, and Etsy will have what you’re looking for. Plus, there’s heaps of personalised shopping bags available too!


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