Charlotte Crosby aka Space Fairy spills secrets from set of The Masked Singer

Here's which celebs she has hinted at hiding underneath the remaining masks....
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Australia was left stunned as the singer behind the Space Fairy mask was revealed to be none other than Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby on season five of The Masked Singer Australia.

WATCH NOW: Space Fairy performs on The Masked Singer Australia. Article continues after video. 

Despite never having sung in front of a crowd before, let alone professionally, Charlotte’s vocals were quick to be compared to some of Australia’s most beloved singer-songwriters such as Tones and I, Gabriella Cilmi, and Jessica Mauboy. 

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So impressed was guessing panel member Dave “Hughesy” Hughes by her rendition of classic noughties anthem Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!) by Blu Cantrell, that he described the 33-year-old as “one of the best singers to be on any series of The Masked Singer.” 

What a compliment!

Who knew Charlotte could sing? (Credit: Channel Ten)

Speaking with New Idea the morning after her onscreen unmasking, the seasoned reality television veteran shared her disbelief as to how well-received her singing had been. 

“I feel like I’m very big-headed right now, I can’t fit my head through the door,” she joked before adding: “I think I was robbed [of the win].”

“I honestly thought that it was going to be pre-recorded, so I got out to Australia and I asked ‘When do I record the song then?’. And then my agent Shane told me I had to sing it live and I said ‘noooo’.”

Charlotte enrolled in vocal lessons to prepare with coach Gary Pinto, someone she described as “amazing” and the reason why her vocals were so impressive on the show. 

“If you’ve ever met Gary you feel like you’ve been touched by an angel. He has got the softest, sweetest nature you’ve ever met and his voice is incredible,” she tells us. 

“We had a lot of laughs in our sessions. He is an amazing man and I honestly feel so grateful to even have vocal lessons with him, he’s one of the best of the best.”

The identity of Space Fairy was a huge mystery! (Credit: Channel Ten)

Curiously, Charlotte was actually originally slated to take part in the 2020 season of The Masked Singer Australia – but the pandemic had other plans for her. 

“It was absolutely devastating that I couldn’t do it back then [in 2020] but obviously everything happens for a reason. I couldn’t have made it, the dates and because of how I was locked down I couldn’t get out on time. They had to start filming and they had to start without [me],” the former Space Fairy reveals. 

“Everyone was gutted, I was crying my eyes out. I’d travelled all the way to Australia, I’d spent a month in lockdown, and then I had to just hop on a plane back home, it was such a wasted trip.”

According to the mother of one, she didn’t think twice when asked back for a second time around. 

“When I got asked to do The Masked Singer [again] I had to sit down and think. I’m terrified, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do this. But if I passed up this opportunity, would I lie on my deathbed and think ‘Why didn’t you just do that?’,” she tells us. 

“‘You’ve got one life, I like singing, I think I’m alright, why the hell didn’t I just do it’? I would beat myself up over that, it would be a regret. And I like to live life with no regrets so that was why [I took part].”

According to Charlotte the Space Fairy costume was “horrendously” heavy. (Credit: Instagram)

As for who Charlotte believes to be hiding underneath the other masks and who she thinks will win, Charlotte (like fans) has her predictions. 

“To this day I don’t know who won but if I had to guess it would be Grim Reaper because I know he is a professional singer from America who was really really big but not big in my era.”

“I’ve been racking my brains with who it is. I thought it was Ricky Martin but I don’t think I’m right,” she joked. 

The singing superstar also alluded to the identity of Cowgirl, revealing to New Idea that the singer hiding underneath was “very much connected to the UK”, and that she and the celebrity had crossed paths TV-wise across the pond. 

Fans have previously placed their bets on Courtney Act (also known as Shane Jenek) as being Cowgirl, and given Courtney took part in Celebrity Big Brother UK (which he won in 2018) just like Charlotte (who also won her series in 2013), something tells us these fan theories are on the right track!

Charlotte’s friends were quick to show their support on socials. (Credit: Instagram)

As for the future, Charlotte has no immediate plans to pursue a singing career (despite her newfound singing talent), she does however have some ideas about how she would like to return to screens down under. 

“The next [reality] TV show I do in Australia I need to present. I could definitely present The Bachelorette.”

“I would [also] love to do I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! if they had an extra show where they did behind the scenes etc, a little half an hour show I would do that hands up.”

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