Twisted mother faked her son’s death to milk money from sympathisers

She kept her son in a hotel room to cover her lie.
 Carson City Jail

A Nevada mother is facing up to 20 years in prison after faking the death of her 10-year-old son and receiving donations in order to “grant his dying wishes”.

Just days after his apparent death, friends became suspicious when the boy’s father revealed he was still alive.

One woman contacted police who later found the boy alive and well in a motel room with his mother and her boyfriend, who were preparing to take him on a “hunting trip”.

Victoria Morrison’s son was diagnosed with a treatable illness some time before the ordeal but she had convinced her son, his school and the public, that he was terminally ill with leukaemia and didn’t have long to live.

Taking to Facebook and fundraising site GoFundMe, the mum-of-four pleaded for help and ended up raising around $2000, even being featured in the local media when emergency services organised a helicopter ride for him before his supposed last Christmas.

All four of her children have been placed in state custody with the mother being charged for obtaining money by false pretences and child abuse for allegedly telling her son that he was dying .

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