Tim Robards and Matthew Mitcham pass brutal SAS Australia selection course

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Tim Robards and Matthew Mitcham have reigned victorious as the only two celebrity recruits to pass the SAS Australia course for 2023. 

The former Bachelor and Olympic athlete faced off against a three-phase final mission which saw them film a death message for their loved ones, run five kilometres, and then attempt a 150-metre high cliff assault and hostage rescue. 

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Alongside each other, former AFLW player and Survivor star Abbey Holmes and real-life hero Dr. Craig Challen also joined them on the course. 

Unfortunately for the latter two, however, they were culled from the course. 

“I’m very disappointed not to get to the end, but what this experience has shown me is that your mind and your body are capable of so much more. I know that I’ve pushed as hard as I possibly could. I’ve been lucky enough to really learn a lot about myself, and I’ve learned not to chase perfection,” Abbey shared shortly after being removed from the course. 

Tim and Matthew were all smiles after passing the course. (Credit: Channel Seven)

For Dr. Challen, whilst he was commended for an “amazing effort” by Head Instructor Ant Middleton for finishing the course, he didn’t “pass” the course, much to the frustration of fans tuning in from home. 

“To get this far and then not pass, [it’s] mildly disappointing,” Dr. Challen reflected. 

“But I’m ecstatic at getting all the way through it.”

Matthew took to his Instagram shortly after the finale aired to show his support for the 2019 joint Australian of the Year. 

“My heart broke for Dr. Craig at the end. Not a single day went past when I didn’t tell him how amazing he was. He told me I was the most disorganised person he’d ever met 😂😅,” the 35-year-old penned. 

Sadly for Abbey and Dr. Craig, they were culled from the course at the very last moment. (Credit: Channel Seven)

The visibly emotional, soon-to-be father of two Tim said he was “so happy” to have made it to the very end of the grueling reality show experience. 

“It’s shown what strength I’ve got inside. I probably doubted that a lot. Now I’m getting teary…” he shared with the cameras. 

Fellow coursemate Matthew shared in his elation: “This has been the best experience of my entire life. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.”

“I did come in as a survivor and I have definitely thrived throughout this course. I was controlled by my inner saboteur before. But now I feel capable of doing basically anything.”

Fans are devastated that Dr. Craig wasn’t passed by Ant Middleton alongside Tim and Matthew. (Credit: Channel Seven)

So far, in the history of SAS Australia, only seven celebrities have passed the course. 

In season one, former rugby player and Bachelor star Nick Cummins (also known as “The Honeybadger”), AFLW player Sabrina Frederick, and comedian Merrick Watts all passed the selection. 

The following year, former rugby league player Sam Burgess was the sole celebrity to pass. 

Then in 2022, it was rugby league players Millie Boyle and Darius Boyd, and broadcaster Riana Crehan who joined the SAS hall of fame. 

And now, Matthew and Tim will join this esteemed list, their names going down in Australian reality television history. 

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