EXCLUSIVE: Australian Idol’s Jasey Fox on his Eurovision aspirations

"I feel like Europe would have a stronger appreciation for the kind of stuff that I do."
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25-year-old Jasey Fox was Australian Idol’s firecracker performer of the year. His clear vocals and always-on-point choreography never failed to captivate the judges. Upon entering the Live Shows, however, Fox’s public vote count was just not enough to secure his spot in the Top 10.

As the competition has progressed, viewers have witnessed a clear progression in Fox’s on-stage presence. Coming out of his shell during Top 24 Week, his dance and musical theatre training has proved him well, with his self-made choreo and strong breath control making itself evident in every performance.

Following his exit, we sat down with Jasey to discuss his post-Idol plans, Eurovision aspirations, and his 2023 Australian Idol pick.

We said good-bye to Jasey. (Credit: Channel Seven/Instagram)

How are you feeling, Jasey? Are you satisfied with your Idol journey?

Yeah, I’m really satisfied with it. I came onto the show, wanting to do one thing, and that was to basically be myself. I had some growing pains getting to that place, you know, with my audition and stuff. But I ended up being really really happy with how everything worked out on the show. I feel very peaceful and grateful today.

We definitely saw you come out of your shell a lot! And can we just ask, did you choreograph all your own routines?

Yes, I did. I [also] get some of my friends involved and we discuss, and we brainstorm.

And you have a dance background. How did you get into the singing side of performing?

So, it’s probably going to be really obvious, but I went to musical theatre school. While I was there, I started developing my voice. And what I ended up finding is that musical theatre was just one way that I could sing and dance on stage.

I think I realized near the end of my studies, that I could still keep a lot of the things that I trained to do, but just do it in a different way. You know, like, Lady Gaga is somebody that I look up to very much and she’s very theatrical, but still can sit in a pop world, and I want to do the same thing.

Speaking on your Idol journey, you were able to receive mentorship from the judges, out of all the judges, which one are you most inspired by?

I think that I was the most helped by Harry Connick Jr. I grew up as a dancer, and all of my dance teachers were very similar to him, like very honest, and direct, and real, and knew what they were talking about.

I’m not the kind of person that needs constant positive reinforcement, I need authentic critique. Because I just want to be good. I just want to be good at what I do. Harry was a giant help for me. He’s been an amazing mentor this entire time.

He has musical theatre background and his own music too. So, I can kind of connect to that. He’s been on Broadway, he has his own albums, he’s known as being an actor, and a singer, and a performer and that’s kind of the thing that I want to be known as.

“I’m not the kind of person that needs constant positive reinforcement, I need authentic critique.” (Credit: Channel Seven/Instagram)

What’s the best piece of advice one of the judges has given you?

I think the best piece of advice that I got was from Amy Shark, and I got it last night from her. She said, you know, ‘this is a speed bump in the road’.

I really respected her saying that and I feel the same way. So, yeah, I would say the best piece of advice that I got was from Amy saying, ‘this is just one moment in time and everything happens for a reason and only I get to decide, or we get to decide when our music journey ends’.

In terms of your plans now, what can you see yourself doing? Are you working on music, or would you join any other shows?

I’m very interested in using this platform for good and for different audiences than just the Australian public- I want to outreach even further. And I would love to be your Eurovision, for example. I feel like Europe would have a stronger appreciation for the kind of stuff that I do than, maybe, the audience that I was working with.

I write my own music and I’m really interested in doing more gigs, putting more music out, getting on the social medias, and doing all that good stuff.

Eurovision would be amazing!

When I do my own gigs, I have like costume changes and like very crazy costumes that wouldn’t have been allowed on Australian Idol. And I have backup dancers and all of these different things that I did not 100% get to showcase. It’s like ‘cool’, I’ve got this platform now. I can do whatever I want with it.

And the other contestants, who did you get on with the most?

Noora! Noora, from the beginning, her and I just connected straightaway. She’s an Aquarius, I’m a Gemini, so we just instantly connected.

I think that she should win. I think that we absolutely need somebody like Noora representing our country.

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