Bride 11th in family to wear century-old wedding dress

The heirloom was last worn by her mother
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A bride in the US was the 11th woman in her family to wear a treasured heirloom wedding dress when she tied the knot. 

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After seeking out her “something old”, 30-year-old bride-to-be Abigail Kingston knew that only her family’s special 120-year-old wedding dress would do.

According to My Modern Met, the Victorian gown was first worn by her great-great-grandmother in 1895, and had then been worn by nine other women in her family, including her own mother in 1977. 

wedding dress
Abigail knew she wanted to wear her family’s heirloom dress (Credit: Getty)

However when Abigail found the dress, it was in a tired state.

After years of alterations and poor storage it had turned brown and was falling apart.

​The bride-to-be turned to bridal designer Deborah LoPresti for help…

Abi’s mother was the last to have worn the wedding dress (Credit: Getty)

Thankfully, after 200 painstaking hours of work–which included adding new sleeves, lightening the brown shade to a champagne colour, and altering the silk and satin garment to fit Abigail’s tall, thin frame–the dress was finally restored to its original glory.

wedding dress
Abi felt “like Cinderella” in her dress (Credit: Getty)

When her remodelled dress was uncovered, Abi couldn’t believe the change.

“I truly felt the magic and love putting on the dress,” Kingston told Refinery29.

“It’s my Cinderella dress–and I have the shoes to match!”

See all the photos of the dress, here

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