Where to watch Luxe Listings Sydney ahead of season three

Season three will arrive in October.
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Australia’s most opulent reality show, Luxe Listings Sydney, is returning for a third season with more mansions, more glamour, and more cut-throat competition among our most competitive real estate agents.

WATCH: Luxe Listings Sydney Season Two Trailer

Season one saw us introduced to elite agents Gavin Rubinstein, D’Leanne Lewis, and Simon Cohen and their love-hate working relationship.

A lavish second season saw Monika Tu join the cast, an international market specialist obsessed with glamour, who has sold $2.15 billion worth of houses across her career.

Season three of Luxe Listings Sydney arrives in October. (Credit: Prime Video)

The four agents work in one of the most competitive markets in the world: Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

And with a third season set to drop in October this year, there’s no better time to relive all the drama in the first two seasons over on Foxtel’s new Prime Video App.

“We have good relationships, smiles are on for the camera, particularly that part, but behind closed doors … the real estate market for the eastern suburbs is one of the most dogmatic real estate markets in the world,” Gavin told WHO.

“At the end of the day, I put my client’s priorities before mine, and if I make a commitment to them, I always deliver on it,” he said of his work.

Monika Tu joins the cast for season two. (Credit: Prime Video)

“The very tip of it [real estate] can be glamorous, the rest of it … it’s an emotional rollercoaster that will take you to the heights of exhilaration to the depths of depression in a couple of hours, sometimes less.”

The first season saw Gavin, Simon, and D’Leanne fighting it out to sell homes worth millions and millions of dollars across suburbs like Point Piper, Bondi, and Tamarama.

In addition to the opulence on the show, D’Leanne also confirmed that it has a lot of heart, which is what really brings in the viewers.

“You get to have a look at some of the world’s most jaw-dropping properties; I recently sold three houses in a week worth a combined $60m,” she told WHO.

“But this show has a lot of heart, too. It’s about the relationships we build with each other and our clients.”

Gavin Rubinstein and Simon Cohen at a luxe Sydney property. (Credit: Prime Video)

Season two delivered the same level of competition, with a cameo from Delta Goodrem also thrown into the mix – though we won’t spoil any of the juicy details.

“Season two and season three are vastly superior to season one, which was still a great season,” executive producer Benjamin Scott told

“The two big reasons why season two and season three should be watched and enjoyed – number one, the cast are a lot more comfortable in front of the camera and there is a lot more personal interaction between the cast and number two, we had the good fortune to have Jake Hargreaves as the showrunner for seasons two and three.”

He also confirmed that the listings and deals fans see on the show are 100 per cent real and that the cast actually do the transactions we see on the multi-million dollar homes.

With a “vastly superior” third season due late this year, it might be time to refresh your memory on seasons one and two or catch up if you haven’t watched them yet.

Stream it now on Amazon Prime, and now that the Prime Video app is on Foxtel, you can do it all on your iQ4 or iQ5. Get started here.

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