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Home and Away is welcoming back two fan-favourite characters to Summer Bay in the coming weeks. 

Leah’s son VJ (portrayed by Matt Little) and Justin’s sister Tori (portrayed by Penny McNamee) are both jumping on a plane to celebrate a special occasion – Leah and Justins wedding! 

Tori hasn’t been seen on the show since 2021 when she moved to London while VJ has been absent even longer after fleeing to Cyprus in 2017.

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The news comes just weeks after it was revealed Aussie actor Joshua Orpin would be making his debut on the show later this year as a new “bad boy” in the bay – exciting!

“One of the reasons I was keen to do this gig was because of that, I have worked internationally and I have been quite homesick, especially over Covid where I wasn’t able to come back to Australia even when I wasn’t working,” Joshua told The Daily Telegraph in March 2024.

“I was really keen to get stuck into some Aussie stuff. It isn’t about being known here as the driving motivator but I really wanted to get stuck into some Aussie shows, film, and TV and this came along and I thought it was the perfect opportunity.”

Joshua is best known for his role as Connor Kent, or Superboy, in the US series, Titans. He has also had some smaller roles in TV shows Preacher, Love Me, Upright, and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Tori and VJ are making their long awaited returns to Summer Bay. (Credit: Channel Seven) (Credit: Channel Seven)

There’s a lot that goes down in the fictional town of Summer Bay.

As though it’s been touched by some paranormal force, the coastal location is a hotbed for unparalleled levels of drama.

As a result, Home And Away has a revolving door of characters.

There are surprise arrivals like forlorn exes turning up with a love child and half-siblings who had previously remained a family secret.

Then there are the exits. Oh, the exits.

We’re talking about heartbreaking deaths, life-long prison sentences, and, on the odd occasion, the happy endings whereby characters drive off into the sunset to live anywhere else.

With so many comings and goings we’ve rounded up who is appearing on screen now from the main cast.

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(Credit: Instagram)

Rory – Joshua Orpin (2024 – present)

Dr. Levi (Credit: Channel 7)

Dr. Levi Fowler – Tristan Gorey (2023 – present)

Dana (Credit: Channel 7)

Dana Matheson – Ally Harris (2023 – present)

Harper (Credit: Channel 7)

Harper Matheson – Jessica Redmayne (2023 – present)

Mali (Credit: Channel 7)

Mali Hudson – Kyle Schilling (2023 – present)

Bree (Credit: Channel 7)

Dr Bree Cameron – Juliet Godwin (2022 – present)

Remi (Credit: Channel 7)

Remi Carter – Adam Rowland (2022 – present)

Kirby (Credit: Channel 7)

Kirby Aramoana – Angelina Thomson (2022 – present)

Rose (Credit: Channel 7)

Rose Delaney – Kirsty Marillier (2022 – present)

Eden (Credit: Channel 7)

Eden Fowler – Stephanie Panozzo (2022 – present)

Xander (Credit: Channel 7)

Xander Delaney – Luke Van Os (2022 – present)

Theo (Credit: Channel 7)

Theo Poulos – Matt Evans (2021 – present)

Felicity (Credit: Channel 7)

Felicity Newman – Jacqui Purvis (2021 – present)

Cash (Credit: Channel 7)

Cash Newman – Nicholas Cartwright (2021 – present)

Tane (Credit: Channel 7)

Tane Parata – Ethan Browne (2020 – present)

Mac (Credit: Channel 7)

Mackenzie Booth – Emily Weir (2019 – present)

Justin (Credit: Channel 7)

Justin Morgan – James Stewart (2016 – present)

Roo (Credit: Channel 7)

Roo Stewart – Georgie Parker (2010 – present)

John (Credit: Channel 7)

John Palmer – Shane Wtihington (2009 – present)

Leah (Credit: Channel 7)

Leah Patterson – Ada Nicodemou (2000 – present)

Marilyn (Credit: Channel 7)

Marilyn Chamber – Emily Symons (1989-1992; 1995-1999; 2000; 2001; 2010 – present)

Alf (Credit: Channel 7)

Alf Stewart – Ray Meagher (1988 – present)

Irene (Credit: Channel 7)

Irene Roberts – Lynne McGranger (1993 – present)

Home and Away airs weeknights, 7pm, on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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