Inked! Larry Emdur gets tattoo tribute to family

The television host debuted the tattoo on Instagram.
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Larry Emdur has made the ultimate tribute dedicated to his family by getting some permanent ink.

The television host debuted the tattoo on Instagram by sharing a snap of it from his living room.

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Larry got a heart with three arrows going through it, and in his caption, he revealed its special meaning.

“New ink story,” he began. “My heart with an arrow for Sylvie, an arrow for Jye and an arrow for Tia .. ❤️ ❤️❤️ #Family.”

Larry got ink in honour of his family. (Credit: Instagram)

His colleague Kylie Gillies gave Larry her stamp of approval by posting, “💘💘💘,” in his comment section.

A family member called Martine Emdur poked fun at the presenter by asking, “There’s room for Ash and I in there somewhere bro.”

However, fans gave the 57-year-old’s tattoo mixed reviews.

One wrote, “Love the idea but not the design….. sorry,” and another scathingly added, “Looks like a scribble Larry. Doesn’t suit you. Sorry.”

Jye is the spitting image of his dad! (Credit: Instagram)

But some were far less critical and shared their admiration for the design.

“That was s a nice design. Even nicer meaning. Good work!,” shared a fan, and another penned, “Stunning ❤️.”

Larry, his wife Sylvie, and children Jye and Tia are a private family, but The Morning Show host likes to gush over his loved ones on Instagram.

He paid tribute to his lookalike son for his 28th birthday in April.

The proud father shared a snap of Jye and wrote, “28 years ago I got this awesome “2 for 1″ special! I got a best mate and a best son in the same deal.”

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“Happy Birthday Jye, for 28 years you have entertained and fascinated us and made us beyond proud,” he added.

“You are my co-pilot for life and I’m excited to watch your next chapter which may or may not include helping me push my Zimmer frame around the nursing home.”

Larry and his wife are one of the strongest couples in Australian television.

The couple have been married for 27 years, and the father-of-two told Body & Soul how they have made it work for so long.

“We decided we need to do at least one completely crazy thing each year so that we’ll have some ridiculously good stories to remind each other about when we’re in the nursing home,” he told the publication.

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