Bindi Irwin reveals Grace’s special similarity with Steve Irwin in adorable new photos

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Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell welcomed their daughter Grace Warrior Irwin Powell on March 25, 2021.

Ever since bringing her home, Bindi and Chandler have been sharing special milestone moments as a family – from first smiles to adorable wildlife encounters.

Bindi in particular constantly shares new updates on her bub, so we’ve rounded up the best family moments, which you can find below.

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s best photos with their daughter Grace

In May 2024, Bindi shared a sweet photo of Grace holding a turtle, revealing it was her daughter’s “favourite animal”. In a sweet touch, the Wildlife Warrior explained that there was an adorable connection between Grace’s love for turtles and her late grandfather Steve Irwin.

“My dad discovered a new species of turtle 40 years ago,” Bindi wrote on Instagram. “Never knowing they would be his granddaughter’s favourite animal.”

Their smiles are contagious. (Credit: Instagram)

Bindi and Grace were full of giggles in this photo shared to the former’s Instagram in February 2024.

“My little sunshine making me the happiest mama on earth,” she captioned the post.

Grace is already becoming a Wildlife Warrior. (Credit: Instagram)

Grace made a hungry koala friend in February 2024. It looks like she’s already becoming a Wildlife Warrior.

Then and Now – how Grace has grown. (Credit: Instagram)

How time flies! Bindi shared this adorable comparison photo of her little one at Australia Zoo in 2021 and later in January 2024. 

“I love watching our beautiful girl grow up at #AustraliaZoo,” she wrote on Instagram.

Mum and daughter watched on as Chandler went out into the surf. (Credit: Instagram)

Bindi and Grace watched on as Chandler took to the surf in January 2024.

“Winter beach trips with my beautiful little family ❤️,” the mum wrote on Instagram.

It was a delightful winter beach trip for mum and daughter. (Credit: Instagram)

Bindi spoke to her daughter directly when she shared this beach snap in January 2024.

“Grace Warrior, if one day you come across this post – I want you to know that being your mama is the BEST,” the then 25-year-old wrote.

“And I love you with all my heart, forever. I have loved every adventure we’ve shared and I can’t wait for many more to come.”

Mother and daughter were matching for this wildlife adventure. (Credit: Instagram)

Mother and daughter were matching for this outdoor adventure in January 2024.

“Visiting our conservation property and Grace trying to spot a wild koala… 🐨 These are the moments I’ll carry with me forever,” Bindi wrote on Instagram.

A very matching Christmas. (Credit: Instagram)

Along with Terri Irwin, Bindi, Chandler and Grace donned matching Christmas shirts as they posed with Uncle Rob in December 2023.

“From our Wildlife Warriors family to yours – happy holidays.
❤️🐊🌟,” Bindi penned.

The Irwins visited Disneyland. (Credit: Instagram)

The Irwins paid a visit to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida in December 2023. Grace looked overjoyed to be posing with Minnie Mouse. 

“Florida holiday,” Bindi wrote on Instagram. “Time with @chandlerpowell’s wonderful family and Disney magic. All the love in the world.”

Such a happy family. (Credit: Instagram)

Have you ever seen smiles that big?

“So much to be thankful for ❤️,” the Wildlife Warrior captioned the photo in November 2023.

The family of three celebrated Chandler’s birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

In November 2023, the trio were all smiles as they marked Chandler’s special day – with cake, no less.

“Celebrating @chandlerpowell is one of my favourite things in the world,” Bindi wrote on Instagram. “Happy Birthday, sweetheart.”

Bindi and Grace enjoyed an adorable day at the beach. (Credit: Instagram)

As April 2024 came to an end, Bindi and Chandler took Grace out for an adorable beach day, and she looked all grown up!

“Afternoon on the beach with my best friends,” the Wildlife Warrior wrote on Instagram.

“I thought I’d share the story behind our beautiful daughter’s name,” Bindi shared to her Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

In November 2023, loving mum Bindi shed new light on the heartwarming meaning behind her name. 

“Grace is named after my great-grandmother, and relatives in Chandler’s family dating back to the 1700s. Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad,” the mother of one wrote. 

“Her last name is Powell just like her incredible Dada and his family. I think about how much meaning and love was poured into naming the important part of our lives, our gorgeous Grace.”

The cutest dinosaur that there ever was. (Credit: Instagram)

For Halloween 2023, the Irwin-Powell clan indulged in toddler Grace Warrior’s desire for some dinosaur fun. 

“Grace wanted to be “all the dinosaurs” this year for #Halloween. Here we are…🦖 Have a ROARING good spooky day,” she shared to her Instagram account on October 31st, with a hilarious image to match. 

With mum and dad looking a tad scared in the middle, two and a half year old Grace was photoshopped in around them in a variety of super spooky (but mostly cute) dinosaur costumes. 

Simply adorable!

All together at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve (Credit: Instagram)

Family time at Camp Coolibah at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Cape York, Queensland. 

Some nanna and Grace time (Credit: Instagram)

After Terri finally joined Instagram in late August, she made sure to give her beloved granddaughter a starring role in her feed, sharing two side-by snaps of the pair enjoying their time together in nature. 

“Grace is helping me spot wildlife at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. I love her so very much!” she captioned the post. 

What a cutie pie! (Credit: Instagram)

“Please be a koala in a tree?” – Grace 🐨,” Chandler captioned this beyond adorable photo of Grace channeling her inner koala. 

“Who knew there’d be koalas on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Far North Queensland 😂. Love building memories with our girl,” he added. 

Is little Grace a hairdresser in the making? (Credit: Instagram)

Grace has her hairbrush at the ready to make sure we all look our best,” Bindi captioned a family snap of her Terri, Chandler, and young Grace – the family enjoying some outdoors time.

“These are the little moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. ❤️”

WATCH: Grace Warrior runs a staff meeting at Australia Zoo. Article continues after video

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In a hilarious video shared to her Instagram account, Grace was brought along to a staff meeting at Australia Zoo. 

“We are very excited because today Grace requested to come to our staff meeting. So she’s joining us in the crocoseum to say a few words,” Bindi said before adding: “To be honest, it’s Grace who runs the zoo and makes all the big decisions.”

In the video Grace “thanks” staff for their hard work, also sharing her love of koalas with the team. 

Hilarious! And so, soooo cute!

#appreciationpost (Credit: Instagram)

“Pure JOY. Dada and Funcle #appreciation post, 💛” Bindi captioned these snaps of Chandler and Rob running amok with little Grace. 

Sharing the same photos to his Instagram account, Rob captioned the images hilariously, writing: “Trying to keep up with Grace! 😂 Love being her uncle!”

WATCH: Bindi and Chandler enjoy a beach day with Grace. Article continues after video

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If there’s one thing to know about Grace, it’s that she doesn’t stray far from her elephant and giraffe toys. While holidaying, Bindi shared some sweet moments of the family enjoying the natural scenery.

While in Tasmania, Grace can be seen frolicking in the fallen snow while Bindi and the family dotingly watch on.

Grace enjoying her time in the snow. (Credit: Instagram)

The Irwins also enjoyed their time on the beach, where they shared some beautiful snaps to commemorate the moment.

Mother/daughter time on the beach. (Credit: Instagram)

We can’t help but comment on the impeccable outfit choice too! 

She looks so grown up! (Credit: Instagram)

WATCH: Bindi Irwin’s adorable daughter comparison video. Article continues after video

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Bindi edited together an adorable comparison video of herself and her daughter at the same age. In parallel mis-en-scenes, the mother-daughter-duo are mirror images of each other.

What makes this video even more special is the fact Terri is present as a guiding mother and now grandmother.

Can we talk about how cute Grace’s outfit is? (Credit: Instagram)

Grace looked cosy as can be in this fun shot. Clutching one of her favourite toys (the blue elephant), she is pictured wandering through bushland – as captured by her uncle Rob.

What a happy family! (Credit: Instagram)

In celebration of American Father’s Day, Chandler posted a cute snap with his daughter and parents. Dedicating his fatherly skills to his own dad, it’s clear that he is loving fatherhood.

Mucking around at Australia Zoo. (Credit: Instagram)

What better place to grow up than Australia Zoo? Grace Warrior is surrounded by her loving family and equally loving pets. With her uncle Robert, dad Chandler and Stella the pug, it looks like she’s having a ball!

The Irwin family attended a wedding, with Grace in tow! (Credit: Instagram)
Bindi’s clearly an amazing mum. (Credit: Instagram)

Attending the wedding of two of their close friends at Crocodile Hunter Lodge, Bindi posted a gorgeous series of family snaps.

With Terri, Robert, Chandler, and Grace in attendance, the Irwins are every picture of a happy family.

Dressed for the occasion, Grace was pictured in a cute denim frock and pink tights.

WATCH: Bindi posts uncanny comparison video of herself and Grace Warrior. Article continues after video

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Bindi posted an adorable comparison video of herself and her daughter to her Instagram, showcasing their sheer similarity.  

Captioning her post, “Holding my newborn daughter wondering if she’ll love wildlife if I did growing up,” the direct comparison is too uncanny to miss! Some commenters have even speculated whether it’s the same tortoise they’re pictured with.

Grace Warrior on the cover of Crikey! (Credit: Instagram/Australia Zoo)

Grace is already a cover star at two-years-old! She graced the latest issue of Australia Zoo’s own Crikey! Magazine for her second birthday.

Grace looks like the perfect mix of her mum and dad. (Credit: Instagram)

What a sweet family! Grace is truly her parents’ child, bearing similarities with both Bindi and Chandler.

How cute is Grace is in her snowsuit? (Credit: Instagram)

“Happy birthday to the best niece in the world! Love you, Grace!” Rob wrote in celebration of her second birthday. 

Sister Bindi responded: “She loves you so much! Best uncle!”

Little Grace is growing up fast! (Credit: Instagram)

It’s hard to believe how quickly Grace is growing up! 

“Grace Warrior, you are the sunshine that fills our lives. Every day I am amazed by your hundreds of words and smiles, fascination for the natural world/every animal you discover, and your adventurous soul,” loving mum Bindi penned in a birthday tribute for the toddler’s second birthday. 

“You see wonder in everything and remind me that the world is made of magic. Being your mum is the best part of my life. I love you with my entire heart, for all of my existence.”

A family of wildlife warriors. (Credit: Instagram)

“Khaki crew. Wildlife warriors,” Bindi captioned this post in March 2023. 

Grace loves the great outdoors much like the rest of her family. (Credit: Instagram)

“Khaki isn’t a colour, it’s an attitude,” Bindi captioned this snap of Grace whilst the family were camping on the Steve Irwin wildlife reserve. 

Family is everything to Chandler. (Credit: Instagram)

“My family. My everything,” Chandler captioned this post to his Instagram account. 

Grace stole the show at her mums birthday celebrations! (Credit: Instagram)

As she celebrated her 24th birthday, Bindi took to her Instagram and penned a message from the heart: 

“The last year has been filled with enormous growth, unpredictable/challenging times, and above all, love beyond my wildest dreams. Without them realising, my sweet family has given me the greatest gifts this year through their extraordinary actions each and every day.”

“My darling daughter, the gift of finding beauty in all things and running towards happiness (and bubbles, which are the same thing to her) with an open heart. I’m grateful for another trip around the sun and another year to do my best to make a difference in this world.”

The Irwin family as very close. (Credit: Instagram)

“Thankyou for being born. I love you more than I could possibly describe and every day I’m grateful for your kind heart and strong soul. Of all the good things in this world, you’re the most wonderful,” Bindi wrote in a heartfelt birthday tribute to her mum Terri in 2022. 

Can you tell these two are related? (Credit: Instagram)

As you can tell, Rob takes his Uncle duties “very seriously.”

All smiles. (Credit: Instagram)

“These smiles and hugs make my life,” Bindi captioned these sweet snaps. 

Bindi refers to Grace as “my love.” (Credit: Instagram)

“There are countless adventures waiting for you on the horizon, a whole world for you to create positive changes within. Until then, I will carry you and be there to encourage every one of your dreams,” Bindi wrote on her Instagram. 

Seashells, seashells, by the sea shore. (Credit: Instagram)

“A little flashback to finding seashells with baby Grace. It’s wonderful to watch her grow,” Uncle Rob captioned this wholesome post. 

bindi irwin family
“A photo of Grace admiring her awesome uncle.” (Credit: Instagram)

The family was all smiles in new footage Bindi shared to her Instagram from the Irwin family holiday to Tasmania earlier in 2023. 

“This video makes my heart happy. A little #flashback of our time in Tasmania, Grace spotting wildlife on all our walks.”

Awwww, she’s a wildlife warrior in the making!

WATCH: Grace Warrior says hello to wildlife on a family holiday to Tasmania. Article continues after video

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“A photo of Grace admiring her awesome uncle. @robertirwinphotography – a note to say thank you for being the best. Love you so much and beyond proud of you,” Bindi captioned this adorable shot.

bindi irwin family
Grace certainly keeps everyone entertained. (Credit: Instagram)

Sharing this scenic family snap, Bindi captured the moment where Grace decided to walk away from the shot – much to everyone’s amusement.

“Thankful for every smile, every laugh, every moment we share,” she said.

bindi irwin family
The whole gang’s here! (Credit: Instagram)

“Beautiful Grace Warrior, You are the centre of our universe,” Bindi wrote alongside this sweet family snap.

bindi irwin grace birthday
“Happy Birthday to my graceful warrior.” (Credit: Instagram)

Grace celebrated her first birthday surrounded by her loving family, as Bindi captured and shared photos of the special occasion to her Instagram.  

“Happy Birthday to my graceful warrior. One year of watching your beautiful heart bloom into the most extraordinary person,” she penned.

“Grace, you have been an old soul from the very beginning. It is the greatest blessing to be your mama. I love you eternally, unconditionally and infinitely.”

bindi irwin grace chandler
Close as ever! (Credit: Instagram)

“Chats with this cutie are the best,” Bindi captioned an adorable snap of her and Grace sharing a moment while a proud Chandler took the photo.

bindi irwin grace
“Thank you for being my sunshine.” (Credit: Instagram)

Sharing a beachside selfie together with her daughter, Bindi captured the adorable moment of Grace reaching for the camera.

“Beautiful Grace,” she penned. “Thank you for being my sunshine.”

bindi irwin grace
Grace’s first Super Bowl. (Credit: Instagram)

Making sure to include her daughter in American traditions, Bindi shared this warm snap of her and Grace cuddled up on the couch as they watched the Super Bowl.

“Sweet iced tea and the first #SuperBowl for our little Warrior,” she said. “Grace loved watching the halftime show so much that after all the excitement she fell asleep.”

The trio looked as cute as ever in this family snap. (Credit: Instagram)

As she gained some new Instagram followers in January 2022, Bindi decided to reintroduce herself and her family.

“My name is Bindi Sue Irwin,” she wrote. “My parents named me after a crocodile and the family dog, Sui. I’m a Wildlife Warrior and have dedicated my life to speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Conservation work is my life. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am.

“I have a beautiful 10 month old daughter, Grace Warrior and a wonderful husband, Chandler. Our family lives and works in our wildlife sanctuary, Australia Zoo and we’re proud to be doing everything we can to protect our wildlife and wild places.

She went on to say how the family is carrying on the legacy her parents started years ago by protecting acres of conservation property, creating the non-profit Wildlife Warriors, treating over 100,000 sick animals in Australia Zoo, and so on. 

“Thank you for sharing this adventure with me. I’m grateful to give you a glimpse into my family life each day,” Bindi finished the post.

A Happy New Year from the Irwins. (Credit: Instagram)

To ring in 2022, Bindi shared a brand new photo of the animal loving trio. 

“The greatest gift of this year. Grace Warrior Irwin Powell,” the proud mother penned.

A very Irwin Christmas. (Credit: Instagram)

Grace Warrior is getting up close and personal with wildlife from a young age, much like her mum Bindi!

In an ode to the Merry season, Bindi, Chandler, Grace, and even grandmother Terri, donned matching Christmas jumpers. Uncle Robert also made an appearance, albeit in his classic Irwin khakis. 

“Clearly Robert didn’t get the memo…,” Bindi wrote on Instagram.

Happy Halloween. (Credit: Instagram)

Partial to dressing up, the Irwins donned some ’60s Hippie inspired get-up for the spooky season.

“Peace, love and koala hugs,” the wildlife warrior wrote on her Instagram. “Wishing you a groovy Halloween from our family to yours.”

A mother-daughter selfie. (Credit: Instagram)

In an adorable mother-daughter selfie, Bindi gushed about her new maternal role with her first child when she penned: “Grace kisses. A series… My beautiful angel, I cherish being your mama.”

A mother-daughter hug. (Credit: Instagram)

In another sweet snap, Grace was all smiles with her adorable pink bow as Bindi embraced her for a cuddle.

“Babyyyyyy,” Bindi captioned the loving moment.

The trio love soaking up the sun. (Credit: Instagram)

The trio couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces, particularly Grace, as they soaked up in some sun in the great outdoors. 

“We’ve got those sunshine smiles. @chandlerpowell,” Bindi wrote.

bindi irwin grace warrior powell
Like mother, like daughter. (Credit: Instagram)

Grace is certainly taking after her mum Bindi in more ways than one, and we’re not just talking about their appearance.

Grace is taking after Bindi when it comes to her love for wildlife and adventure, and Bindi has proven that with a photo of the two of them taking care of business out at the zoo. 

“Our beautiful angel is always ready for an adventure,” Bindi shared.

bindi irwin grace chandler powell robert
“Grace’s face is a MOOD.” (Credit: Instagram)

Proud in purple! This adorable pic of Grace wearing sunglasses and a bucket hat was shared as Bindi, Chandler and Robert grin happily at the camera.

“Grace’s face is a MOOD,” Bindi captioned the post on her Instagram.

bindi irwin daughter grace
Grace knows how to work a camera. (Credit: Instagram)

“This girl … loves a selfie,” Bindi penned, and sure enough, in the photo it looks like Grace has figured out how to take her own pics!

bindi irwin grace warrior
Bonding time. (Credit: Instagram)

There’s nothing more special than spending some quality time as a family, and Bindi is proving just that with this post.

“Spending time away from the world on our conservation property with my sweet girl and husband. 📸 — @chandlerpowell.”

bindi irwin grace warrior
“My first birthday as a mama has been the most beautiful gift.” (Credit: Instagram)

Bindi rang in her 23rd birthday on July 24th 2021, and to mark the occasion, she penned a sweet message dedicated to her daughter.

“My first birthday as a mama has been the most beautiful gift. Our sweet Grace Warrior’s face says it all,” she wrote.

“Today I celebrated by feeding Monty the crocodile and hugging my gorgeous girl (not at the same time!). 💛 Thank you for the lovely birthday messages and kind support, it means the world to me.”

bindi irwin grace warrior chandler powell
“Can you believe she’ll be 4 months old soon?!” (Credit: Instagram)

Another Grace dedication post was when Bindi returned to social media after taking a short break.

“Grace Warrior • A collection of my favourite moments this month. Our beautiful angel has started giggling all the time and absolutely loves nature walks, looking for wildlife with us.

“Can you believe she’ll be 4 months old soon?! Infinite love and gratitude in my heart,” Bindi wrote.

bindi irwin grace warrior powell
Seeing double! (Credit: Instagram)

There’s no denying that Grace looks just like her mum, and it’s something that Bindi agrees with as she shared a throwback photo of her around the same age as grace.

“Baby Grace Warrior & Baby Bindi Sue,” she said. “Like mama like daughter. We both love our hoodie towels.”

bindi irwin grace powell
Zoo walks with Grace. (Credit: Instagram)

“Adventures with our little bug. 💗

📸 — @chandlerpowell.”

bindi irwin chandler powell grace warrior
“All the love in the world.” (Credit: Instagram)

Family time! These three are all about spending quality time together and bonding as a family of three.

“All the love in the world,” Bindi shared.

bindi irwin grace chandler koala
Meeting the wildlife. (Credit: Instagram)

“Grace Warrior’s first koala encounter,” Bindi wrote as she shared a sweet photo of Grace meeting a koala.

“She was fascinated and so was Milo our darling koala! Too cute.”

bindi irwin daughter grace powell
Bindi marked Grace turning two months old with this pic. (Credit: Instagram)

“Our gorgeous Grace Warrior is almost two months old,” Bindi penned at the time.

“She loves an afternoon walk through our Australia Zoo gardens, lots of cuddles and smiling big. She lights up the world with her beautiful heart.”

bindi irwin grace
Grace is one happy baby. (Credit: Instagram)

“Grace’s beautiful smile,” Bindi said, and sure enough, Grace can be seen giggling adorably in the captured moment.

bindi irwin chandler powell daughter grace
Marking special milestones. (Credit: Instagram)

The first few weeks as a first time mum, Bindi’s excitement of her new role couldn’t be any more obvious as she shared constant updates on her little bub.

“Two weeks with our Warrior princess. Cherishing every moment together,” she penned.

bindi irwin chandler powell grace
First few days with Grace. (Credit: Instagram)

“Our perfect Grace Warrior is one week old. This week has been filled with sweet snuggles and infinite love,” Bindi wrote at the time.

bindi irwin grace warrior chandler powell
The very first pic! (Credit: Instagram)

And of course, the very first post after welcoming Grace home, Bindi penned a long-written message to Instagram.

“March 25, 2021. Celebrating the two loves of my life. Happy first wedding anniversary to my sweetheart husband and day of birth to our beautiful daughter.

“Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. Our graceful warrior is the most beautiful light. Grace is named after my great-grandmother, and relatives in Chandler’s family dating back to the 1700s. Her middle names, Warrior Irwin, are a tribute to my dad and his legacy as the most incredible Wildlife Warrior.

“Her last name is Powell and she already has such a kind soul just like her dad. There are no words to describe the infinite amount of love in our hearts for our sweet baby girl. She chose the perfect day to be born and we feel tremendously blessed.”

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