Jessika Power hits back at fame hungry ex Nick Furphy

Jess reveals the truth!
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Jessika Power has hit back at Nick Furphy after he made headlines this morning when he told his 59,000 Instagram followers that Jess allegedly cheated on him.

WATCH: Jessika Power reveals truth behind ‘fame hungry’ Nick Furphy’s exposé

The controversial Married At First Sight star broke her silence, shutting down claims she cheated on Nick at the end of their already troubled romance. 

Jessika Power hits back at fame hungry ex Nick Furphy
Jessika Power hits back at fame hungry ex Nick Furphy

Chatting to WHO, a furious Jess confirmed the video her ex-boyfriend shared to Instagram was actually taken in 2018 before she appeared on MAFS and while she was vacationing in Bali with Joely Martin— a close friend of her brother’s who she fleetingly dated. 

“I am so pissed off,” Jess began. “I have known Joely for years and my brother used to live with him. My brother and I went to Bali in June last year, even before the show, and that’s what that video is from. He uploaded it on his Instagram last night as a joke and he’s since messaged me saying ‘I’m so f***ing sorry you didn’t deserve that. I am so so sorry, I can’t even remember posting that. I thought it was funny at the time and never meant anything by it.’ He posted it as a joke.” 

According to Jess, Nick instantly— and wrongfully— assumed the video was taken in August 2019 while he was travelling around Indonesia with Jess, her brother Rhyce Power and her former MAFS co-star, Tamara Joy. 

“Joel and I were liking each other’s pictures on Instagram after we broke up, he assumed in his head that’s where I must have been— with Joel,” she said before explaining she and Nick caught up with Joely and his new girlfriend during their overseas trip.

“Why would I cheat on my boyfriend while I was in Bali? Regardless of being on the rocks and basically broken up, why would I do that?”


Jess went on to admit she tried to split with Nick after butting heads during their holiday abroad, however, felt guilty because he had just celebrated his birthday. Desperate to remove herself from the situation, she fled to the airport. As we know, he followed, and it was there the controversial couple got into a heated screaming match which Jess says led to her calling time on their romance. 

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“Nick can be very arrogant in the sense where he always talks about money and how much he’s spent. He would always be like that and I hated it,” Jess spilled. 

“When we were in Bali, we were at a restaurant and he whistled at a waiter… I turned around and looked at him and went, ‘What did you just do?’ He was like, ‘It’s their job.’ Then, I was at the airport and he was being really arrogant and rude to the waitstaff and I just screamed at him saying, ‘You are no better than anyone else. You think you’re something you’re not and it’s disgusting.’ I just lost it.” 


She continued: “I was like, ‘A lot of people don’t like you because you are arrogant.’ I had a lot of people tell me not to date him because he’d use me for media. He’s media hungry. He always has been and always wants to stay relevant.” 

While Jess says their initial connection was undeniable, after publicly confirming they were an item, she quickly realised it was Nick who was tipping off the paparazzi and “using her for fame”.  

“If I would upload a picture of us on my Instagram story and not tag him, he would yell at me and tell me to take it down. That’s why we broke up. I know Nick sold things on me and he sells things on his friends. That’s the type of person he is.”

As for where she stands with Nick, Jess has made it abundantly clear she has no plans to reconnect with the MAFS alum.

“After today, I will never speak to Nick Furphy again. I am not going to reach out, I completely refuse to. I am just annoyed. He knows chucking it up on his Instagram gets constant media attention straight away. He was just using me for fame,” she concluded. 

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